Why pay for professional moving boxes?

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Professional moving boxes may cost more than boxes from supermarkets, liquor stores or other boxes out there.  However, they are worth it!  Here are some benefits of professional moving boxes:

1. Strength and durability

Packaging cartons like ours have a double wall and are made of corrugated cardboard.  This means they are much stronger and longer lasting than most boxes that you would get for free or for a cheaper price.  These boxes are ideal for long term storage, surviving two stage moves, rough handling and for fragile items.


2. Stacking

Random boxes come in different sizes and are difficult to stack.  Using one source for your boxes and ordering them in batches of the same size will avoid this.  The boxes can then be stacked easily by removalists ensuring a smoother, faster move which will save you money if your removalists are charging hourly.


3. The right box for the right contents

Having different types of boxes is useful when packing different types of items.  Wardrobe or port-a-robe boxes are convenient for hanging clothes directly so they do not need to be ironed out when you unpack them.  Small book wine cartons are perfect fo these smaller and heavier items.  Tall tea chest boxes can fit the puffiest, largest of things such as stuffed toys, doonas, and pillows.


4. Waterproof, adhesive resistant card

Professional boxes have much more resilient cardboard.  Strip the tape off, move in the rain, the boxes will protect your contents easily and maintain their shape and structure.


5. Environmentally friendly

Not only are our boxes made from 100% recycled card and paper, they are also highly reusable.  As they are strong and durable, you can use them for several moves.  Stock them easily by returned them to their flatpack state.  They are also recyclable and biodegradable as opposed to using plastic containers and boxes that are harmful to the environment.


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