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Interstate relocation can be daunting. So many interstate removalists to choose from and prices ranging from too-good-to-be-true to too-much-to-be-good. Finding the right removals company is a job in itself. V-Move aim to provide the most personalized interstate removals service for your big move at the most competitive price.

Don’t let the moving process get you down. Interstate moves are big, but don’t have to be a burden. V-Move is one of the best interstate removal companies to get your belongings from Sydney to Melbourne, or Melbourne to Sydney.

We offer peace of mind with a range of moving services including furniture removals, packing materials and expert packers, and even storage facilities in the Sydney area.

With over 5 years’ experience and excellent reviews, our teams can take care of the hardest jobs and what could be the biggest event of your year.

Moving interstate with V-Move means you get a personalized moving experience. The team that picks up your furniture delivers it on the other side of the state line. You can be assured that your belongings won’t go on a separate adventure.

Call today and our friendly customer service team will ensure you are booking with the right moving company for you. Whether moving from Melbourne, or moving from Sydney, V-Move takes you all the way.

Sydney To Melbourne: Along The Great Dividing Range

Perhaps nowhere else in the world are there two cities as competitive as Sydney and Melbourne. Like fraternal twins separated by a mountain range, the cities squabble so much, the city of Canberra had to be invented to settle their most heated debate of which should be the capital of the country.

With similar populations, Sydney and Melbourne still compete for prominence as Australia’s cultural capital. Both have large migrant populations and offer newcomers to the country a big job market and a big city vibe.

When it comes down to it, deciding which Australian metropolis to live in depends on personal experience and preference. Or, where your job takes you.

Sydney offers natural beauty and the confidence of a tourist destination. Melbourne offers vibrant arts and nightlife scenes. Besides this, both cities offer the same Australian Dream of suburban living and a melting pot of multiculturalism.

Sydney is home to fewer Australian-born residents than Melbourne and accounts for almost double the international visitors.

Sydneysiders use their public transport system more than Melbournites, who prefer driving to work despite their famous tram network. However, because of its flatter terrain, Melbourne makes better use of its cycleways.

While Sydney receives a lot more rain than Melbourne, being a subtropical city and all, it also has more clear, sunny days.

Melbourne is Australia’s city famed for having four seasons in a day, and sometimes even more. Because of this, Melbourne has developed a more robust indoors entertainment lifestyle, whereas Sydneysiders prefer being outside.

One cannot speak of Melbourne without mentioning its famous laneways. The city is proud of the culture that has thrived off the grid of its Central Business District and the hidden gems in its inner suburbs.

Melbourne nurtures off-grid culture well, and it’s by far the cultural heart of the country, with the comedy and literature scene dominating there.

Sydney is often labelled as slick and superficial but look beyond the business district and you’ll find flourishing multicultural pockets of relaxed, positive communities.

The parks and beaches are Sydney’s great levellers in terms of being places for everyone, but plan your day around getting public transport there, because everyone does indeed go.

What both cities have are areas of suburban liveability seen in every Australian capital city. Ultimately, house prices are slightly cheaper in Melbourne than in Sydney (on average about $200K cheaper).

Although, this is bound to change as Melbourne continues to grow at a faster pace and overtakes Sydney as the most desirable city to live in.

It takes around nine hours to drive from Sydney to Melbourne down the Hume Highway. Roughly halfway along is the border between Victoria and New South Wales and the great Murray River. To the east lie the Great Dividing Range and the snowfields.

But the most common way to travel between the cities is by plane from Sydney airport to Melbourne airport. This route is the third busiest domestic route in the whole world. The Sydney to Melbourne flight takes about one hour and a half.

We highly recommend that if you fly from Sydney to Melbourne book ahead of the move so you can make sure you arrive in time to pick up the new house keys and be in the house before the truck arrives.

Ensure your pets are out of the way when the furniture arrives or have pet transport arranged for after the move is over.

Other popular interstate moves include Sydney to the Byron Bay area, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

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