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Reading Sydney removalist reviews is a great way to choose a mover but did you know that they can be misleading?  Here is a quick guide to help you navigate review land.

Fake removalist reviews

Some reviews are written by employees, owners or their family and friends.  A quick way is to see if there are lots of negative reviews with a few very positive reviews.  Alarm bells should ring.  Then check the names of the owners and employees and see if they match with the reviewers.  Even if the names don’t match or if the positive reviews are anonymous, there is still a chance that something is amiss.  Reviews that vary widely for each other could mean two things.  Firstly, the positive reviews are from insiders.  Alternatively, the company employs a lot of subcontractors and the work varies a lot depending on the removalist chosen for the job.

Removalist review sites

Not all review sites are equal!  Google and Facebook allows anyone to leave a review, including non-customers and rivals.  So, read the negative ones carefully, if they are very generic and can’t describe specifics of a job badly done, they may have been written by a rival company.  The most reliable review sites are websites where only proven customers (through a lead and quote system) can review their movers, such as Service Seeking, Word of Mouth, or sites that require customers to be verified such as Product review, etc.

Company website reviews

Be wary of testimonials and reviews on the company website.  They may have been fabricated or the company will have chosen the customers they had a good experience with.

Some removalist websites link external reviews or embed them into their webpages, you can trust them more easily!

Few or no reviews!

A removalist with few or no reviews isn’t necessarily a bad one!  It could just mean they are new in the industry or do not have an internet presence.  However, if a moving company only has 1 or 2 reviews and they are all five stars, it is likely that they have written those reviews themselves.  You are much more likely to get a good service from a removalist that is rated 4.5 but has 27 reviews than one that is rated 5 and only has 3 reviews.

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