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Moving in Wareemba? Choose Local movers

When you’ve finally found that special place to live by the water in Sydney, you need the best quality furniture removalists in Sydney’s Inner West.

If you’re looking for a Wareemba moving company that treats your possessions with great care and gets the job done as efficiently as possible, look no further than V-Move.

Make V-Move your Wareemba removalists. For most jobs two men and a truck will do. They will make moving day a breeze, giving you peace of mind that your household items are in the hands of professionals with many years’ experience and dedication to their job.

For all your moving day needs, or even if you just need furniture disposal or delivery, V-Move are the Wareemba removals specialists that will get the job done.

We guarantee transparency with no hidden fees. Call or email us today for a free quote.

The Best Removalists Servicing The Canada Bay Area

When you’re moving house Wareemba removalists, V-move Removals, offer you a wide range of removals services from packing to storage and all the heavy lifting.

If you’re looking for moving boxes in Sydney, V-Move have you covered, too. We sell cardboard boxes, but highly recommend hiring our environmentally friendly plastic moving crates

The crates are around 50 litres in volume. They are sturdy and reusable meaning that by using them you are helping to reduce the waste that can be produced during a move. Between moving jobs, we clean and sanitise the boxes, so that you receive them like new, and germ free.

The Dimarco family recently bought a 4 bedroom house just off the Parramatta River in Wareemba. They wanted to save time and money during the move so hired our plastic moving boxes. They paid $249 for the 4 bedroom package which comes with 80 boxes.

We arranged a time one week before the move to deliver the boxes to the Dimarco household. They were pleasantly surprised that we drop the boxes off and pick them up free of charge. This saved them time chasing them up and when they were done, they didn’t have to worry about disposing surplus packaging.

Come moving day, our 10 tonne truck was used to relocate the Dimarco family’s big family-sized furniture, including beds and bedframes, double-door fridge, and modular couches.

After the move, the family wanted to dispose of some old pieces of furniture that didn’t go with the new house. Because their local council pick up only did junk removal once a month, they had our movers take it away instead.

Another consideration for the Dimarco family was moving their piano. An upright piano that their son, Paul, plays needed to be moved down 10 steps in the old house and up five in their new place in Wareemba. V-Move charges $150 base fee and then $30 for every step up and $20 for every step down.

Overall, the Dimarcos were extremely impressed with the way V-Move handled their big day. With everything packed away in boxes before our team arrived, the move only took 7 hours. Paul even played a tune to bless the new house before the movers left.

Time to Move To Wareemba

Wareemba is the smallest suburb in Sydney’s Inner West and one of the newest. It used to be a part of Abbotsford but broke away in 1993. It is sandwiched between Abbotsford, Chiswick, Five Dock and Russell Lea.

Traveling time to the Sydney CBD is roughly 20 minutes by car, 10km away. The 504, 437 and 438 buses take half an hour to get to Town Hall and come every 10 minutes or so. Alternatively, the Abbotsford ferry wharf is a 20 minute walk down Great N Road where you can take the ferry towards Darling Harbour and Circular Quay.

Wareemba is a harbour suburb that hugs the shore of the Parramatta River. Most houses are detached and has a great range of cafes for such a small suburb. There’s a small supermarket, pharmacy, hairdressers and restaurants, too. Because the water is in the west, Wareemba is one of few Sydney suburbs that gets a front row seat for sunsets.

Wareemba is a great suburb for families. It’s quiet and there are lovely small parks in walking distance. There are also calm harbour beaches and the main shopping drag of Drummoyne is a 7 minute drive away.