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We are the best removalists in Sydney moving Rozelle residents and businesses since 2015. We offer a full service move including box hire, packing and unpacking, removals, storage and waste disposal. As well as being insured we have an experienced, professional team and well-equipped trucks making us some of the best removalists in Sydney.

We offer competitive, affordable prices for the high standard of service we deliver. From the moment you get a free quote by completing our online form, we answer all your questions and listen to your needs. Our standard hourly rates cover premium services including disassembling and reassembling furniture, packing and unpacking home contents, installing washing machines and wrapping mattresses. 

We are more than just another removalist company offering packing and moving though.  When you want to hire plastic moving boxes, Sydney metropolitan areas are offered free delivery and pick up. We also offer regional NSW and interstate relocations, secure short-term and long-term storage and eco friendly waste disposal.

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Case studies – Rozelle

Jenny Jiang and her family were after a reliable removalist to move them from Balmain to a 3-bedroom house in Rozelle. They did their research. On a local internet forum, Jenny saw a Balmain family who highly recommended us and completed our online quotation form.  We recommended 2 men and a truck for their move and estimated that it would take 6 to 8 hours. They had not moved before as a family because when they were living in Balmain it was only Jenny and her fiancé at the time. Since then they had 2 young children, a baby and a tot and they had accumulated a few more items of furniture.

They asked us for tips on how to prepare for their move. We gave them advice on packing early, how to pack and what to prepare for moving day. Even though they didn’t get round to doing as much as they would have wanted they were generally quite prepared for their move.

The move ended up taking 6.5 hours and it cost them $765 in total.

Robbie was moving out of Rozelle to an apartment in Camperdown. After sending us a list of the items to be moved, we recommended the 2 men and a truck service and estimated it would take 5 to 7 hours to move the place.

In Rozelle, the access was easy, the team parked in the driveway and had ground floor and garage access. At the delivery, the building management at Trio had specific move in guidelines. Robbie sent these to us and the team read it all in advance.

At the delivery as the team were ready they knew were to park, who to get in touch with to get access to the lift reserved just for them. It was very smooth. The whole move took 6 hours and cost $710 in total.

Hire Plastic moving boxes – Sydney Inner West and other metropolitan suburbs

We provide both plastic moving crates and cardboard boxes to our customers. We offer free delivery and pick up for plastic moving box hire within 25km of Sydney CBD. 

Plastic boxes are the best packing boxes as they are environmentally friendly, reusable, stackable, nestable and waterproof. They self-seal at the top and don’t need to be assembled or flat packed like cardboard which needs tape to be sealed. 

For customers moving interstate or storing for the long term, cardboard is still essential. Our boxes have the most affordable prices in the Inner West. We deliver for $40 to Sydney metropolitan suburbs or you can pick them up for free from our office.

Trust the best removalists in Sydney Inner West suburbs to do your removals jobs. Our team take great care of your furniture and electronics wrapping everything in shrink wrap and blankets.

Part of our standard service is to dismantle and reassemble furniture, install washers, and more. Simply ask us if it is part of the hourly rate. Usually the answer is a resounding yes!We train our teams to be professional furniture removal experts. From moving pianos to handling antiques, from regional NSW to interstate moves, our reliable removalists do it all.

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Did you know? Tips for moving to Rozelle

Rozelle is one of Sydney’s most comfortable suburbs and it attracts mostly families and retirees. Close to the CBD and with public transport access through buses on Victoria rd, it is very easy to get around to other parts of Sydney.

On and around Darling St there are many shops, restaurants and cafes. Some of our local recommendations include Sergio’s at Café Negro, vintage shops The Devil Wears, Leona Edmiston Vintage, Mint Condition and U Turn, restaurants and bars La Grand Bouffe, Rosebud, 3 Weeds, The Welcome Irish pub. 

The parks are pet friendly and families frequent them often, namely Elkington Park, Callan Park and Easton Park. There are also great schools nearby as well as the Rozelle markets on weekends.

Due to its location, low crime rates and proximity to the city, real estate here is highly prized and is always a good investment.