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Moving in Tempe? Choose Local movers

Time for a new start? Don’t waste time chasing up other moving companies, trust the years of experience and professional removalist services of V-Move Removals. For all your moving and storage needs in and around Tempe, look for further than the V-Move removal service. Before moving day arrives, organise moving boxes and furniture removalists who get the job done.

V-Move offer a wide range of moving services, so you don’t spend all your time packing and unpacking. We take the stress out of a stressful day.

If you need a service not provided by your local council our removal team specializes in junk removal, too. Call today to get a free quote or fill out a quote form online. Get the best price for your move with V-Move!

Tempe Removalists Get The Job Done With Two Men And A Truck

Our quote forms allow you to systematically list your household items so we can get a clearer idea of the size and scope of your move and give you the most accurate quote. This will also allow you to list any out of the ordinary items to move, like pianos, trampolines, or double door fridges, and tell us if you require moving boxes.

Finding moving boxes in Sydney can be a wild goose chase, but it doesn’t have to be. V-Move sells cardboard boxes, but for a more environmentally friendly alternative, why not hire our special plastic moving crates?

Our plastic moving crates are durable and 50 litres in volume. We clean and sterilize them between jobs for peace of mind. Choose the plastic box package that suits your needs. The Studio Package starts at $99 for one week for 25 boxes, and it goes up to the 5 Bedroom Package which is 100 boxes for $299. We charge $1 per box for every week after that. We also deliver and pick up the boxes free of charge

Case Studies Tempe

Jeff and Kevin needed help moving out of their Tempe warehouse office and called V-Move, the best Tempe moving company for the job. They ordered the one bedroom plastic box package and used up most of the 30 boxes we delivered a week prior to the move.

On moving day, the 4.5 tonne truck and two of our team members were enough for the 30 boxes and the small amount of office furniture ‑ including desks, swivel chairs, shelving, photocopier and other small items - that they had.

Once moved into their new warehouse, Jeff and Kevin held onto the boxes for another two weeks while they closed up the old place. Each extra week, they paid $30 on top of the original $119 for the hire. When they were finally unpacked, V-Move picked them up no worries and for no extra cost.

V-Move don’t only get you from house A to house B. We offer a variety of services to take the strain out of removing items you don’t want. After Sarah’s spring clean, she had a garage full of items, from furniture to building materials, toys, and recycling, to be taken to a recycling depot.

She called V-Move for our furniture removals team and had everything taken care of and saved several trips in the car.

Tempe Removals To Tempe Living

For most people moving house Tempe will usually come up because of the location of the largest IKEA in Sydney. But there’s more to Tempe than a Swedish furniture giant. Tempe has a unique mix of parks and residential, and an industrial zone buffering the airport just over the Alexandra Canal and Cooks River.

Indeed, the travelling time to the International Terminal of Sydney airport is only 7 minutes away. Tempe is also said to be one of the quieter flight path suburbs, but it will still give you spectacular views of the aircraft taking off or landing.

People who live in Tempe love it for its community atmosphere and the variety of parks within walking distance. Its location along the Cooks River makes it easy to find somewhere tranquil for a picnic or BBQ, and it’s connected to a vast network of cycleways taking you from Ryde to the City Centre by bike.

Tempe is 10 km from the Sydney CBD and it takes around half an hour on the train direct from Tempe station. Tempe is sandwiched between the cultural hub of Marrickville and the transport and shopping hub of Wolli Creek. Brighton-Le-Sands is the nearest beach. Houses in Tempe range from small detached cottages to units, making it a perfect location for small families and couples.

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