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Based in the Inner West, we are the best locally based removals company.  Whether you’re moving home or office, you want professional expert movers who will make the moving process easier from start to finish.

We are customer service oriented and strive to meet your needs from the moment you request a quote until we deliver the last item.  Each move is important to us, from listening to your requirements and getting a full picture of your items and home access to providing an excellent service that is efficient and completely damage free.

Our moving services are the full package: furniture removers, plastic crate hire, cardboard box and packing material delivery, packing and unpacking, storage and local, regional and interstate removals. 

Read more about each service below.

Newtown removals case studies

Laura and her husband were on a second floor 2-bedroom unit in Summer Hill and were moving to a house in Newtown.  They were rather stressed as the last mover took 2 hours to get 3 heavy, large furniture pieces (a king bedhead, a large dining table and a 3 seater lounge up to their unit) and ended up paying more than what was quoted. Given this information we recommended 3 men who ended up loading the Summer Hill unit in under 2 hours. 

Laura and Tim were also worried about where the truck would park so just as loading the truck was about to finish they went ahead with their car and managed to reserve a spot 20m from the entrance to their new house.  The whole move was done in 3.5 hours and ended up costing $575. Tim thanked us for giving his wife peace of mind and wished he had found us for their first move.

Tiffany was an international student sharehousing in Newtown.  She had to leave suddenly and was locked out of Australia due to COVID-19.  She needed her clothes, kitchenware and a few pieces of furniture packed up and stored.  She didn’t want to inconvenience anyone as she didn’t know how long it would take before she would be let back into Australia.  She looked for a one-stop shop: packing, boxes, moving and storage services and found us. We sent her an online quote and requested that she pay a deposit and put us in contact with someone who would be available and responsible.  She paid the deposit and her housemate was the contact person.

We delivered cardboard boxes and other packing material and our staff professionally packed her personal items.  We loaded the van with her boxes and furniture and delivered it to the storage cage.  Packing, boxes and other packing materials and moving cost $500 altogether.  The storage fee is $250 per month.

Box hire – Eco-friendly, reusable boxes

We rent out reusable, plastic boxes with flexible box hire options and free delivery and pick up.  Our packages start from $99 for 1 week.  All our boxes are made from recycled plastic and have a lifetime guarantee. 

The boxes are strong and can be stacked or nested to save you space.  They do not require tape and we provide a marker so you can label them easily.

For interstate moving or storage, cardboard boxes are best.  You can buy these from our office in Dulwich Hill or order them online for a $40 delivery fee.

Interstate Relocation specialists

Our interstate removalist process is a luxury service intended to make your interstate relocation as easy as possible.  The project manager gives the client a fixed quote inspection to find out the details of the moving schedule and take an inventory of the furniture and household goods.

Once you accept the quote, we book the right interstate removalist with the right truck to fit all and only your items. 

Our interstate removals service is a specialised door to door service.  We pick up your furniture and household goods, wrap them and pad them and deliver them the next day to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne or wherever your new home will be.

Want To Save Your Moving Budget?

Get Free Plastic Boxes For One Week, When 3 Or More Bedrooms Moving!

Did you know? Tips for living in Newtown

With its restaurants, bars (Webster’s, Corridor, Earl’s Duke joint, etc), vintage shops, vegan-friendly mainstay eateries (Lentil and Gigi’s pizza), Newtown is very popular.  The rent and housing prices can be quite high.  Apart from tha,t it’s great for young, alternative, trendy single people and couples.  It is one of the Sydney suburbs with the best public transport with all the buses on King st and Enmore Rd and its own train station.

Newtown has been a trendy suburb for many years now, but moving into a home with narrow lanes and sparse parking can be difficult.  Parking in Newtown is notoriously scant.  Sometimes a van or ute is better than a truck if you’re not moving too many large items.  If you need a truck, try to reserve parking.

There are plenty of old units and unit blocks and a lot of houses in the area have a sharehouse arrangement.  If you’re looking for a family home, the backstreets are better and if you have a small family it could be good.  Otherwise, there isn’t really much space compared to other Sydney suburbs.