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Moving in Lilyfield? Choose Local movers

V-move removals is among the most highly recommended removal companies in Lilyfield NSW.  As a local furniture removalist based in the Inner West, our teams know the ins and outs of Lilyfield and surrounds. 

We offer a wide array of removalist services including but not limited to box hire of plastic moving boxes, regional NSW and interstate removal, small deliveries, packing services, unpacking services and storage.

We don’t just offer removals jobs to any man from the street.  We choose our removalists carefully, train them with a supervisor for some time and ensure they adhere to safe practices.  Our teams will wrap your furniture, disassemble and reassemble furniture and deliver any item without any stair fees.  We also take on difficult jobs such as piano moves, moving pool tables and more.

Our Happy customers From Inner West Sydney

The Flynns needed to move from a 3 bedroom house in Balmain to another 3 bedroom house in Lilyfield.  They had a piano as well as 15 years’ worth of items.  They were concerned about the access from Balmain as there were a few steps and a sloped driveway. 

We quoted 3 men, a truck and a van with a piano removals and free boxes for hire for 2 weeks at $1800.  When we delivered the boxes, Mrs Flynn didn’t know what to expect, and was very happy.  She later told us it was a lot easier to pack with them than with cardboard.

The move itself was smooth.  The piano was moved out of the Balmain house in 15 minutes.  The whole moving job itself took 7 hours.  The Flynns held on to the boxes for an additional week to unpack only paying an extra $60.

Angelo called us on a Saturday asking for a last-minute move as his removalists did not show up.  move for a deposit.

After giving a quick quote over the phone and discussing his needs he booked us and paid for a deposit. The next day the team arrived at 7am on the dot to move Angelo out of his 2 bedroom unit on Lilyfield Rd to another unit on Lilyfield Rd. 

As he wanted to save money and had all of Saturday to start moving items across, we only had to move his large furniture and white goods.  The job took 3 hours and cost $410 in total.

Moving boxes Lilyfield

Hire our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes as a cost-effective option over buying cardboard boxes. 

Cardboard boxes do not last long and as they absorb oils and have tape on them, they often end up in landfill.  Our storage boxes are made from recycled plastic and are reusable.  They are the most environmentally friendly boxes for moving available in Sydney.

Our box hire is also quick and convenient.  You can order online and we offer free delivery and pick up.  We have offer a range of delivery days and offer a flexible pick up schedule.  We guarantee next day delivery at the very latest. 

Our boxes come with markers and cable ties and they self-seal so there is no need for tape, scissors or labels.  Save money and time by hiring moving boxes.

Want To Save Your Moving Budget?

Get Free Plastic Boxes For One Week, When 3 Or More Bedrooms Moving!

Did you know? Tips for living in Lilyfield

Lilyfield is a small quiet suburb nestled between Rozelle, Balmain and Leichhardt.  It has its own tram station as well as buses.  It is great for families who have good schools close by as well as the Farmers Markets at Orange Grove primary school every weekend. 

Nature abounds as it’s close to the Bay Run, Leichhardt Park and Callan Park.  Even though Lilyfield itself doesn’t have much of a café or restaurant culture, neighbouring Balmain and Leichhardt have plenty to offer.


Lilyfield furniture removals locally, regionally and interstate

We offer a local and Sydney-wide removal service like no other.  With a full range of services such as packing and unpacking, delivering packing material, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, we can do anything for you.  For us, these are standard services covered by our hourly rates of $120-$250 per hour for 2 men and a van or truck.

We also have experience doing more complicated jobs such as over-the-balcony lifts, moving pianos and pool tables.  We use specialised equipment and wrap everything carefully to protect any fragile items. 

We offer fixed price inspections for large homes or regional and interstate relocations.  The project manager will take a look at your home, complete a detailed inventory and offer a fixed price.

Our interstate removalists are our most experienced crew.  Choose between a 4.5t and 10t truck.  We guarantee next day delivery from the day we pack up your house for QLD, regional NSW, ACT and VIC.