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V-move removals deliver boxes, packing and removals in Liberty Grove. When looking for Liberty Grove removalists, you are probably looking for a removalist company that provides a great service, is efficient, competitively priced and most importantly, reliable. 

Our removalists are experienced and will dismantle and reassemble furniture and white goods. They will wrap your items including mattresses and lounges. They can also do difficult jobs such as over-the-balcony lifts, moving pianos and pool tables and very large potted plants.

We are some of the top ranked removalists in Liberty Grove because we provide an end to end service. Our removals service includes delivery of moving boxes for hire, packing material, packing and unpacking services, furniture removal, storage and waste disposal.

Please read below for details on our most popular services.

Case studies Liberty Grove

Meera and her husband bought a 3-bedroom apartment in Liberty Grove and had to move out of their 2-bedroom apartment in South Wentworthville. The height clearance at Wentworthville was under 2.2m and there was a strict loading zone booking at the new apartment complex in Liberty Grove.

Meera was worried that the move would take too long and that the team wouldn’t be able to finish unloading before the loading zone time would be over. We recommended 3 men, a truck and a ute because of the access limitations.

The team of three men finished the move on time in 5 hours. The total cost was around $1000. Meer and her husband were happy to have moved in before the loading zone had to be vacated for the next resident moving in.

Mark moved from one apartment on Wentworth Rd to another on the same road. He still preferred a truck over a van because there was not a lot of parking and he did not want the van to have to do several trips.

At the delivery, the truck had to park across the road from the entrance into his building. The men carefully walked the furniture down the road every time to deliver. The whole move took 5 hours and cost $620. Mark was very grateful as he expected it to take longer!

Moving boxes Discounted boxes when you move with us

Our plastic moving boxes for hire are highly recommended over cardboard. After you order them, the moving boxes are delivered for free on the same day or guaranteed next day.

The boxes are reusable and eco-friendly. They are a lot stronger than cardboard boxes offering much better protection for your fragile items. They are currently the best quality moving boxes in Sydney.

If you’re moving your things into storage or interstate, cardboard boxes are still best. We stock large boxes in the tea chest, wine book carton and port-a-robe sizes.  We can also deliver other packing materials such as bubble wrap, butcher paper and tape. For cardboard boxes and other packaging material for $40.

Want To Save Your Moving Budget?

Get Free Plastic Boxes For One Week, When 3 Or More Bedrooms Moving!

Did you know? Tips for living in Liberty Grove

Liberty Grove with its apartment community living is most suitable for retirees, small families and young professionals. It’s leafy and green with parks, tennis courts, basketball courts and swimming pools.

Residents are only a walk or very short drive to Ikea, the Concord and Rhodes shops and Olympic Park. There are many public transport options especially ferries and train stations at Rhodes and Concord West.

The main drawbacks are the general lack of parking and it has a very suburban feel which may not be the best if you want nightlife, culture and trendy spots.