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We have been working as professional removalists in Sydney’s Inner West since 2015. As one of Drummoyne’s premier furniture removalists, offer a wide range of relocation services including crates for hire, packing and unpacking and more. 

Whether it is a corporate office or your home that you are moving, it’s important to hire punctual, professional and reliable furniture removalists. Not only do we ensure the move is supervised by expert with years of experience in the removals industry. We are insured for damage cover and public liability.

Our moving services includes a fully equipped truck with dolleys, trolleys, straps and furniture pads. Each truck also comes with a tool kit so the men can dismantle any furniture they need to. The hourly rates include disassembly and reassembly of furniture and wrapping of mattresses and new lounges. 

Case studies – Inner West Removalists in Drummoyne

Vicky decided to travel with her partner for a year and needed to move her 1-bedroom unit on the third floor into storage. She was very clever and got quotes from 3 removals businesses in the Inner West area.

We quoted a year’s worth of storage for $150 a month and storage insurance for $10 a month to cover $10,000 worth of home contents. We also recommended 3 men due to her access. She chose us because we offered the most affordable prices for the full set of services from moving to storage and insurance.

It took the 3 removalists 5 hours to move Vicky’s contents into our storage facility. The total price of the move was $800.  She was relieved to have everything moved and stored by the same moving company.

David moved from a 2-bedroom unit on the second floor to a house in Lilyfield.  He had great parking access for the trucks at both ends and had packed very well. The move was very straightforward and only took 4 hours. The total cost was $490 inclusive of GST and the call out fee.

David has since highly recommended us to many of his friends and business contacts. 

Office moves in Drummoyne NSW

Our quotation requests in Drummoyne sometimes include shops and small businesses. We can offer you a fixed price inspection if you have more than 5 people in the office or our usual hourly rates for small offices. 

Have a chat with us to discuss your needs. We offer storage solutions, we safeguard your office equipment and we uninstall and reinstall workstations. 

For corporate office relocations, we know there can be complicated requirements. Rest assured, we will send the right vehicles and teams depending on your access restrictions and how quickly you require turnaround to be. We can liaise with IT to ensure your systems are fully functional for the end of your moving date. 

Specialised moves sometimes require specialised moving equipment. We will ensure your team have all the tools and equipment they need whether it is for a commercial fridge, grocery shelving or more to minimise disruption to your operations.

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Did you know? Tips for living in Drummoyne

Thinking of moving into Drummoyne? It is great for young professionals. With easy access to the city through the buses on Victoria Rd, take the express buses and avoid the 501. There are many shopping areas and eateries there too such as Kadmus for Lebanese food or Ecco for Italian with waterviews. 

Head to Birkenhead Point for outlet shopping. But be warned, this general area and Lyons Rd are quite noisy and crammed with rush hour traffic.

If you want something more peaceful or moving with a family, the small sidestreets are best! There are also large homes (though pricey) by the water close to the Bay run.