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Moving in Chiswick? Choose Local movers

The small suburb of Chiswick NSW may only have a few homes, but they need good removalists just as anyone! Instead of hiring any removalists in Sydney, get a quote from an Inner West specialist: the team at V-move. 

V-move Removals has been moving units, houses, and offices in Chiswick, Abbotsford and surrounds since 2014. The best moving service is guaranteed when you choose our experienced furniture removalists. 

Moving With V-Move Removals

We do a full service from packing home contents, delivering items large and small to storage. Our professional packers will wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap or butcher paper. They will work quickly and efficiently the day before or on moving day itself to make sure every item is packed properly. We bring packing materials such as moving boxes, cardboard boxes, paper, other forms of wrapping so you don’t have to! 

There is also an unpacking service if you’re pressed for time! Most packing and unpacking services have a turn around of 2 days in total. If you need everything done in 12 hours, we will bring a team of 6 to do the furniture removals, packing and unpacking service all in one day. The total for this sort of service is likely to be around $3000. Customers who book this will pay what they need to, for full peace of mind at the end of moving day.

Packing boxes

Our plastic box hire is the preferred option for customers looking for moving boxes. They come with a range of benefits and options. From our studio pack of 25 crates at $99 to large packs of 100 with flexible week to week hire options, you choose what suits you. 

The crates are easy to nest and stack. Much stronger and more durable than carton, so you’re saving the planet too. Not only that, we deliver and pick them up for free within 40km of the Sydney CBD!

If you’re looking to store packing boxes for a while or if you’re moving interstate then cardboard is the best choice for you. Our cardboard boxes are $3 each for the book wine size and $3.50 each for the tea chest size. Delivery fees are $40. We waive this fee if you book a packing service with us.

2 men and the truck

The most popular service booked in Chiswick NSW is 2 men and a 4.5t truck. Two professional removalists will arrive at your home, disassemble furniture, wrap your mattresses and pack the truck. They will then deliver at the destination and reassemble beds, place your home contents where you want them and assist you with any other unpacking and moving request.

Most Chiswick homes are either small apartments or 3-bedroom houses. For small apartments, the average move is 4-5 hours with a cost of around $500-$650.

For 3-bedroom houses, the average move is 6-8 hours with an estimated cost of $700-$1000. Of course, not all moves are the same. To get a precise quote complete our quotation form online (Link), email us on or call us on 02 7201 9367.

Other Chiswick Removals services Delivery, Regional Moving

Not all jobs are the same! We customise the service to our clients’ needs. Some customers only need 1 or 2 items delivered so we send the van. Bookings for this sort of job can be anywhere between $120-$200. 

We also do regional NSW and interstate removals to QLD, VIC and the ACT. Prices for our most common routes to Melbourne and Brisbane start from $3000. Regional NSW and ACT moves start from $800.

For bigger jobs such as 5-bedroom homes and offices, we also have a 10t truck, truck and van combinations. We can also offer large teams of up to 10 people. For large jobs such as these, we highly recommend a fixed quote inspection. 

We arrange for an experienced supervisor to visit the premises. He will take a detailed inventory. After asking questions about your moving requirements, parking and access details, settlement details and other relevant information, he makes a plan. 

The office then emails a formal quotation. Once the customer accepts the quote, we confirm any other missing details and finalise the booking. So, whether it’s a home or office job, when you hire us as your removalists you can have peace of mind.

Want To Save Your Moving Budget?

Get Free Plastic Boxes For One Week, When 3 Or More Bedrooms Moving!

Tips for moving into Chiswick NSW

When looking for a property in Chiswick, budget and lifestyle are key! There are some beautiful Victorian era houses next to the water that are prime investments and great homes for life. The key streets to look at are Burns Crescent, Fortescue St and Hezlet St. For apartment living, look into the Riviera apartments, Chiswick Green and Riviera by Meriton.  

Public transport is through buses and ferries only so if you need to commute for work, make sure you’re not living too far from the wharf or bus stop. Schools and parks are close by so the whole area is great for families. 

If you’re moving yourself, check parking and access for the apartment complexes. Otherwise the houses have excellent driveway access. When you look for removalists, make sure they are not travelling too far to get to you as depot costs may be high. For more moving tips, check out the rest of our blog.

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