Removal services in Sydney: what services do you need?

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When you see “removal services” what do you think of?  Is it two men and a truck?  Heavy lifting, trolleys and freight?  Here is a comprehensive list of removal services that can be provided by movers in Sydney:

Furniture removals

This is the core of most moving services.  Typically, you choose the number of men and type of truck.  However, quality can vary.  You can judge by how experienced the movers are, how well equipped the truck is and the removalists’ ability to do difficult jobs such as over the balcony moves, moving specialty items such as pianos, antiques, snooker tables and commercial fridge.

Assembly and disassembly of furniture

Most professional removalists provide this service.  Check carefully whether it is quoted separately or part of the usual hourly rate or service charge!

Box purchase or hire

Unless you live like a monk it is likely that you have personal belongings that need to be boxed up!  Buying boxes can sometimes be inconvenient.  Don’t worry!  Lots of removalists offer box hire or purchase.  Box hire can seem the most convenient since you don’t have to dispose of the boxes.  However, read box hire policies very carefully as they can be quite strict.  Buying boxes can sometimes be worth it if you are in a rush to pack and cannot keep the boxes in good condition.


Some of the big removalist companies offer an all-in-one package including weekly storage.  They may not offer the most affordable options for storage.  You may get better prices if you look through Gumtree, or choose a budget storage provider and a budget removalist.  If convenience is your number 1 priority, and you have the dough to spend, don’t hesitate!  Go with a bigger company who can pack, store and move your items.  The quote may be pricier but having one company manage it all can reduce logistical headaches!

Commercial and office relocations

Though a lot of removalists will claim they can provide this service, check that they really know what they are doing.  A truly professional office relocation involves planning and timelining, coordinating with IT and building management, archive storage, insurance and plenty more.  For more information, read our blog entry on Office relocations and moves.

Planning to move?

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