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Regional New South Wales moves


Are you moving to the Central coast, Illawarra, Hunter, Orana regions and looking forward to a sea change from the rat race that Sydney can be?  From our experience moving clients to Wollongong, Nowra, Gosford and many more, we have collected some tips below to help you during your move.


Try to get a fixed quote

Hourly rates are very risky with regional moves and can blow up unexpectedly.  Make sure you know when the hourly rate finishes as some movers charge back to base fees.  To avoid nasty surprises, ask for an inspection and obligation-free quote for your regional move.  When the mover gives you a fixed quote make sure it is on paper, not over the phone. You can request a fixed quote from us here: Contact Us


Arrange disposal before you move

When you move you might find a surprise: how much is left behind!  Hire a skip bin or organise a council collection. This way you won’t have to pay fines for leaving rubbish on the street.


Organise mail forwarding to your new place

Passing by for old mail won’t be convenient when you are living two hours away.  Pass by the post office and request mail forwarding with notification of change of address services.


Make sure the truck is big enough to carry all your things in one go!

Ask your mover how big their truck is.  As a rule of thumb for a one or two bedroom, a 3 – 4.5 tonne truck is suitable (about 25 cubic metres).  For 3 or 4 bedroom, request a 10-tonne truck (about 45 cubic metres).  There are variances of course depending on if you have storage, ie. a garage full of things, sports equipment, or if you have a big home but do not have that many belongings.


Ask the mover if they have moved regional clients before and what their policies are.

Most importantly cover how they calculate their charges, if they have hidden costs such as fuel.  Also, ask about their policy for insurance or cover in case they lost something in transit.


Are you moving interstate?  Read this.

Planning to move?

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