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Are you planning to move soon? Then you must check packing checklist from our Experts. It will take only 3-5minutes, but could save you hundreds! Be prepared for your next Home moving!


– Use double walled boxes or strong crates;
– Label each box with contents and by their room;
– Use lots of padding (butcher paper or linen);
– When you’ve packed, stack boxes against the side wall so they are out of the removalists’ way;
Declutter while you pack;
– Pack as early as possible;
Pack everything: the removalists should see only furniture, white goods and boxes;
– Prepare a packing caddy with scissors, tape, labels and packing paper.


– Disassemble large furniture before the movers arrive;
– Stick small parts like screws in a bag.  Tape them to the furniture;
Consider a pre-packing service if you have the budget;
– Empty all drawers or pull them out and wrap them;
– Wipe all furniture clean so they don’t slip out of the removalists’ hands.


– Pack electronics in their original boxes if you have kept them;
– Ask removalists if they wrap electronics. If they don’t use bubble wrap, cushion the edges with a double layer of bubble wrap;
– Coil and tie wires and plugs.  Put them in see-through bags and tape them to the appliance;
Make sure the pipes from dishwashers and washing machines are drained into a bucket;
– Use bread tags or sticky labels stuck to themselves to label chargers, USB sticks, hard drives, modems, etc.;
– Pack all power boards in the same box and make sure this box is clearly labelled.  You will want to open this box straight after you’ve moved.


– Use port-a-robe boxes to transfer clothes on hangers directly;
– Use large boxes for folded clothes;
– Pack clothes with dryer cloths to keep them fresh;
– Pack a few days’ worth of clothes in 1 box which will be unpacked first after the move;
– Pack clothes by season.  Label the boxes “winter”, “summer” etc.;
– Use small boxes for shoes;
– Put small bags of baking soda in your shoes to stop them from stinking.

Kitchen ware

– Stack plates and dishes vertically;
– Use cardboard dividers and pack glasses and bottles directly between them;
– Use small boxes as kitchen ware is heavy;
– Pad the boxes with tea towels or tablecloths at the top;
– Wrap dishes in bubble wrap or butcher paper.


– Use freezer bags to pack food from the fridge and freezer;
– Seal sauces, dressings and oils with scotch tape on the lids;
– Use plastic crates or if you have cardboard boxes, put a layer of cling wrap at the bottom to stop leaks from spreading;
Don’t buy groceries in the last week. Try to eat through what you have to empty out the fridge and pantry as much as possible.

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