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Plastic moving crates vs. Cardboard boxes

Moving your home can be a stressful and daunting task, especially if you stayed in the same house for a lengthy period. Once the time for the move comes you need to pack small items in some boxes.

Most removal companies in Sydney will be able to sell some carton boxes or rent out plastic crates. But when it comes to plastic crates vs. cardboard boxes, what should you use? They both have their pros and cons and we will go through them.


  1. Most cardboard boxes can be bought directly from your transport company or warehouse.
  2. You can find them in the freebie section on sites like Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.
  3. Only the best removalists in Sydney rent plastic containers.
  4. Most movers will deliver plastic crates to your old home and pick them up from your new home for free.

Packing nuances

  1. Cardboard boxes come in different sizes. Small boxes are best suited for heavy but small items, like books, kitchenware and tools. Large tea chest boxes are the best for blankets, clothes, bulky but light items. Wardrobe boxes are the best to hang your expensive Ford suits or Versace dress of course.
  2. Empty plastic moving boxes can be nested, and they are ready to pack, without any additional effort.
  3. Thick and strong boxes are the best for fragile items like glassware, dishes and vases.
  4. You do not need to buy any tape if you use plastic crates, as they easily close and are locked with cable ties.
  5. You can easily label both types of boxes with a marker.
  6. Don’t forget to use some bubble wrap and butcher paper to get that extra protection for your valuables.

Stacking boxes in the truck

  1. Both types of boxes stack neatly and nicely in the truck. They can also be ferried by dollies, though tea chest boxes are best moved using a trolley.
  2. Furniture removalists stack starting with heavy items such as a TV table, they then cover it with a furniture pad and stack boxes on top. If your professional removalists are stacking their truck this way, it is better to use plastic boxes as they are the same size.
  3. We highly recommend not to stack cardboard boxes more than 4 boxes high as the weight of top layer might crush the bottom ones.
  4. Both types of boxes can easily fit through standard doorways and corridors.


  1. Corrugated boxes are quite durable, especially the ones with double walls.
  2. Plastic boxes do not get damaged by rain or water, so your books, expensive electronics, precious photos are safe if it rains unexpectedly on your relocation day.
  3. There is no chance that the plastic crate will break through the bottom. Cardboard boxes can break through the bottom, if they are not sealed properly or are overloaded.

Which type is more environmentally friendly?

  1. Most cardboard boxes are made from recycled material.
  2. The carton box can be used up to 3 times, before it loses the functionality, eventually it will have to biodegrade or go to landfill.
  3. Most plastic moving boxes are also made from recycled plastic.
  4. Plastic crates are heavy duty and can be reused over 50 times without a fuss.
Cardboard Boxes

After moving

  1. Unpacking cardboard boxes can be annoying, as you have to peel the tape off, and the tape gets stuck everywhere.
  2. You have to think of where to dispose your unwanted cartons, after you unpack, or to decide where to store them which is an extra hassle.
  3. Almost all furniture removals companies will pick up your plastic crates for free from your new home.


  1. Second hand cardboard boxes can be sourced for free online.
  2. Brand new packing boxes can be bought at our online shop, the prices start at $3 per medium size box, the delivery fee is $40.
  3. Depending on your move we have a range of hire options for plastic crates, the prices start at $99 for the studio pack, that includes free delivery.
  4. We also have a special offer for people who are moving a 3-bedroom home or more.

Let’s do a little thought experiment. You are moving from a 2-bedroom apartment in the Inner West. You have all your packaging supplies ready and you just need some boxes. So our 2 bedroom pack is $159 for the first week and $40 dollars per week after. If you buy 40 carton boxes from us it would cost $120 +$40 delivery fee.

In the end you would save money by not buying any tape. Also, our cardboard boxes are priced more competitively than our competitors.  Standard cardboard boxes from the big providers would be more expensive than our crate hire.


  1. Plastic moving boxes are more durable, it saves time when you pack your belongings and you don’t need to think about how to get rid of them.
  2. Cardboard boxes can be cheaper if you want to store them at the storage facility or you need an interstate removals service
  3. Wardrobe or port-a-robe boxes are better for transporting clothes.

V-move removals owners’ verdict As a furniture removalist, who has done countless moves in Sydney, I can say that if you want a stress- free move, save your time, get a quote on our website and we will advise which ecofriendly solution is better for you. Also, you might choose us as your next movers in Sydney or beyond.

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