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Our professional packers are skilled, quick and efficient when it comes to loading and storing your belongings. Backed by years of experience, we will able to save you a lot of time and money without compromising on safety or quality.

Extra Protection For Your Belongings

We know how valuable and important your belongings are to you. When we take up any moving job, we treat your belongings as our own. By using extra protective materials and specialized equipment, we ensure that your goods are completely safe at all times. Additionally, your goods are insured against loss or damage under our Terms and Conditions.


Faster Moving

Our efficient team works together in cohesion to provide you with the best experience for your moving needs. Whether you are moving your homeoffice, or business, we offer fast-moving services that are affordable, efficient, and safe. Sit back and relax while our experienced team efficiently handles your requirements.

house packers what are the costs?

Professional packing and unpacking is available for $160 per hour for 2 packers plus call out fees.  Our minimum booking is 4 hours for any packing job.  If you live in a one-bedroom or studio apartment, we will send 1 packer at a cost effective $80 hourly rate.  Our professional packers will wrap your items carefully, ensure your boxes are protected for box hire  and pack up your house efficiently!  When you book a packaged service, for example, packing and removals, or packing, removals and storage you can have our blue plastic crates free for 1 week including one delivery and pick up.

Packing rates what's included?

Our packing rates do not include packing material.  These are charged by length or weight: $4 per roll of tape, $25 per 5kg of butcher paper, etc..  For boxes, please have a look at our shop and hire page: Boxes

Book your packing job before your move date, preferably the day before, for a whole house.  If all small items are not packed on the day of your move, the removalists will pack them at their removalist rate which starts at $190 hourly.  The $160 packing rate is only given when the packers have been booked before the day of the move.  If the packing job is small, e.g. the kitchen or one other room, it is better to book the packing job as per of the removals to save on the call out fee and to avoid the minimum 4 hour charge.

OUR ESTIMATES AND CALL OUT FEES Competitive pricing for home packing

Our packing costs are made up of the call out fee, the hourly packing rate and additional packing material if you do not stock any.  Please see cost estimates and call out fees below.

Type of homeEstimated number of hoursTotal Hourly (incl GST)
Studio apartment4$320 (1 packer -$80 per hour)
1 bedroom unit4-5$320-$400 (1 packer -$80 per hour)
2 bedroom unit4-6$640-$960
2 bedroom house/townhouse5-7$800-$1,120
3 bedroom house/townhouse6-8$1440-$1920 (3 packers recommended at a rate of $240 hourly)
4+ bedroom house/townhouse5-10$1600 to $3200 (4 packers recommended at $320 hourly)
Is it worth paying for packing when moving?

When you’re moving, packing can be worth paying an additional cost for if any of the following apply:

  • You are under time constraints and are unable to take time off work to pack.
  • The items being packed are far from you, e.g. packing for a parent or adult children, or if you are overseas or interstate but your items need to be packed and moved.
  • You have a lot of clutter and are too attached to your items. A decluttering and packing service may be very useful for you and well worth your peace of mind.
  • You simply do not like packing!

Paying for packers may also save on your moving cost as professional packers tend to be more thorough and methodical and will ensure the move itself is smooth.

What is a full packing service?

A full packing service means that our packers would pack the contents of every room of your home and all outdoor areas into boxes using our own packing materials.  We also unpack and place your items into drawers, shelves, etc.

Do packers and movers pack clothes?

Packers and movers will pack clothes.  They will generally not fold clothes but pack them quickly unless you ask that they specifically be folded.  We highly recommend you pack your own underwear for hygiene reasons.

What will Packers not pack?

Our packers will not pack any hazardous items such as gas tanks or handle flammable liquids.  Any packing that involves disassembly of furniture or wrapping of appliances and furniture should be done by removalists, not packers.

How much does it cost to hire Packers?

Our packing rates are $70 for 1 packer hourly or $120 hourly for 2 packers plus a call out and return to base fee which depends on the suburb.  The hourly rates go up by $60 per packer after that.  Packing materials are additional so we will use yours if you have any.   Alternatively, you can hire our boxes and purchase our bubble wrap, butcher paper and tape which we charge per use.

How do I prepare my house for a Packer?

To best prepare your home for a packer, set aside any items you want to pack yourself and make it clear what you would like the packer to pack.  If you have a particular system in place such as labelling the boxes by their destination rooms, it is good to write this up so you have a clear map or set of instructions to hand over to the packer so they can work independently.

It is also good to clean and disinfect your home and home contents before the packer arrives so that your items are better stored in their boxes (no risk of harbouring pests and dust mites) and, so it is easier for the packer to work.

Customers who want to save on the packing fee also declutter before the packers arrive so that the packers only pack anything that is needed in the new home.

How long does it take packers to pack a house?

The time it takes to pack a house depends on your home contents.  Some homes have many decorative and/or fragile items that need careful wrapping.  Other homes have many toys, books, and precious items while others are minimalist. 

We have a minimum booking of 4 hours and usually this is the least it will take to pack up a home.  One packer can pack a studio or 1 bedroom apartment in 3 to 5 hours on average.  Two packers usually take 4 to 6 hours to pack a 2-bedroom home.  For a 3-bedroom home that is moderately furnished and occupied the average is 5 to 8 hours for 2 packers.  Some 3-bedroom homes may require 3 packers to ensure everything is done in a day.  For 4-bedroom homes or larger we usually recommend 4 packers, and they may take 6-8 hours to complete the packing job.

Is it worth paying for packing when moving?

Packing services are worthwhile for people who have many items but are time poor or when you employ packers to help you pack another person’s items such as a client, a parent who is living away from you or for your own items if you are out of the state or country and need to move out by a certain date.

If the thought of packing by yourself is very stressful, packing services are definitely worth it and you can also use a packing and decluttering service if you would like help in sorting out what is worth packing and what should be disposed of.

How soon before moving Should I start packing?

How soon you should start packing depends on how large your home is.  For studio apartments and 1-bedroom homes that do not have many items, 2 weeks may be enough though 3 weeks would be ideal.  For 2-bedroom homes, you should start packing a month ahead.  For 3 or more bedrooms, 6 to 8 weeks ahead is a good timeline to ensure you’re not rushing in the last few days before moving day.

How many moving boxes do I need for a 3-bedroom house?

For a standard 3-bedroom house we recommend our 60-box pack.  However, we have many customers that pack 80 boxes or more.  It’s best to speak to our team or send photos of your home contents if you are in any doubt as to how many boxes you will need.  We will happily recommend the right number of boxes so that you do not have to pay for additional deliveries.

How can I pack my house up fast?

The best way to pack quickly is to be methodical.  First, sell, give away or throw away any items that you don’t need for the home you’ll be moving into.  It’s best to be ruthless as a lot of is taken up when you’re deciding whether or not to keep something. Secondly, procure all your packing materials and order more boxes than you think you will need so you don’t waste time getting more (as most people do).  Thirdly, start packing items that are not essential such as off-season clothing, photo albums, books, garage contents.  Fourthly, dedicate large blocks of time to packing whole rooms.  As you pack the boxes, stack them in one corner of the room so that you make space for yourself to move around more easily and so you can easily see what you have forgotten to pack.

How long should it take to pack a 3-bedroom house?

When you’re moving you should give yourself 6 weeks to pack a 3-bedroom house if you are still working throughout that time.  If you are taking time off work or have someone in the household who can pack on weekdays you can shorten this time.

For professional packers it usually takes 1 day for 2 or 3 packers to pack a 3-bedroom home.

Do movers disassemble beds?

Yes, our removalists disassemble and assemble furniture at our standard hourly rates.  Some removalists will ask you to disassemble the furniture or will only provide this service at an additional charge.  For V-move, this is a standard service.

Do movers load boxes or furniture first?

Movers load furniture at the bottom of the truck and then boxes go over them.  This ensures that boxes don’t take up valuable space on the floor which should go to furniture and that they are not squashed by the furniture.  Boxes also fit better into the nooks and crannies that are left between the layers of furniture and the truck roof.

Should you empty drawers when moving?

Yes, absolutely.  Furniture that has things inside it is harder to move and can become easily unbalanced.  The contents may also suffer damage and scratch the drawers.  Customers often ask us if it is OK to leave clothes.  In our experience, it’s best to empty all drawers as customers often leave old electronics such as tables and jewellery among their clothes and have just forgotten about them.

How can I pack my house for 2 weeks?

Packing a house in 2 weeks may be impossible if you live in a 3-bedroom home or larger and you may be rather stressed out towards moving day!  If you have a 2-bedroom unit or smaller it may be possible.  Take time off work if possible.  On the first two days, declutter by selling, giving away and throwing away all your unwanted items and procure your packing material and boxes.  Get everyone involved in packing and start with the non-essentials such as the garage, linen cupboard, items in storage, decorations, etc.

How much does a full packing service cost?

A full packing service including packing materials is likely to cost $350-$700 for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, $800-$1200 for a 2-bedroom home, $1000-$1800 for a 3-bedroom home, and $1200+for 4+ bedroom homes.

How much does it cost to pack and move a 3-bedroom house?

Packing services and packing materials including boxes for a 3-bedroom house cost around $1000-$1800.  The removals cost is likely to be around $900-$1800 depending on the type of truck and number of men you need.

Will packers and movers pack everything?

Packers and movers will pack anything that is not hazardous such as gas tanks, ammunition, oxygen bottles or potentially unhygienic or toxic such as dirty underwear, litterboxes, etc.

Do I tip moving Packers?

If they have done a good job, why not?  A cash tip or a small gift such as buying them a pizza, or a beer/bottle of wine is always welcome! Packers also appreciate cold drinks while they work as packing can be thirsty work. 

How much does it cost to have your house packed and moved?

A full packing and moving service depends on how large your home is and how busy it is.  Here is a guide with our averages:


Type of home

Average packing cost

Average moving cost

Studio apartment



1-bedroom unit/apt



2-bedroom home



3-bedroom home



4+ bedroom home




small removals Moving Just A Few Items?

For small moves when you have fewer than 4 items, it’s best to book our van - Pickup & Delivery

local removals Moving within Sydney City

For all your moving needs within Sydney, we offer a comprehensive door-to-door service that is guaranteed to meet your needs in the most efficient way. Our services extend to all suburbs and regions within Sydney. No matter what your requirements are, we are the leading solution in the market when it comes to removalist services.

Interstate & Regional Removals Moving within NSW

We have moved customers from Sydney to Wollongong, the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast, and the Hunter region.  Our experience has shows us that your moving budget and expenditure can be significantly reduced by planning it and scheduling it efficiently. For regional NSW moves, we charge hourly until the return to Sydney.  This means there are a lot of things that you can do to make the most of your time and money. Organizing and sorting your belongings before scheduling an inspection or a moving service with the removalist team can ensure that the fixed quote is within your budget or help us minimize work and get the job done quickly. 

To book a fixed quote inspection please email requesting a fixed quote inspection, please include your availability for the inspection, your pick up suburb and which suburb you are moving to, for example Leura, Cessnock or Figtree.  We will schedule a free appointment to see you as soon as possible, talk to you face-to-face about your moving needs and give you a fixed quote with no obligation to book us.


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