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Moving in Castle Cove? Choose Local movers

Castle Cove residents and workers looking for local moving companies North Shore and beyond can look to V-move Removals for their moving and packing needs. We are fully insured, experienced North Shore removalists committed to delivering an excellent service from start to finish.

From the moment you contact our team to get a quote until the last item is delivered and we send through our invoice and feedback form, we will help you every step of the way. Our customer service team is there to answer all your questions and ensure your booking is clear with transparent pre-approved pricing. 

The removal team is small group of strong, friendly, fast, and efficient men who will take great care with your items. They will wrap mattresses and lounges, pack miscellaneous items, disassemble and assemble furniture. When it comes to packing the truck, they will do their absolute best to make sure no item gets damaged in transit.

When the job is complete, our customer service team will contact you to check if you were happy with your move, if there is anything we could have improved and sort out any outstanding insurance claims. We pride ourselves in taking care of the customer all the way through.

Call Out Fee For Castle Cove

1 hour

The best moving companies – North Shore

What makes us one of the best moving companies and removalists in Castle Cove and in the North Shore? Could it be our professional removalists who can move any item from pianos to items going over the balcony? Could it be our commitment to excellent service and how we make sure your needs are met?

As a well-established moving company with years of experience we would say our key traits are:

  • Having a customer service team that strives to give you accurate quotes, is ready to answer any question and make required changes to your booking as per your changing needs.
  • A team of strong, well-trained furniture removalists who have a positive attitude to the myriad of challenges that come with any job.
  • Adherence to Best practice – transparent pricing and quoting (no hidden charges), insured for public liability and goods in transit, packing and removals timing held to industry standards.

Castle Cove Removals Case Studies

Amy and Ben were going to have a baby soon and decided to move from their apartment in Chatswood to a house in Castle Cove.  When they asked for a quote, they also requested packing services as Amy was 8 months pregnant and finding it hard to reach items. We quoted 2 packers for around 4-6 hours and the move itself to take another 5 hours or so.

The quote turned out to be accurate. The packing took 5 hours, and the move was 5.5 hours. The total price including cardboard boxes and packing material was $1300. With a baby on the way, they wanted stress-free removalist services from a reliable removalist company.

At the end they said, we had given them a great experience andthe best furniture removal service they had ever got.

The Greysons were moving within Castle Cove and went with 3 men and a large truck as their 4-bedroom home was rather large and they had lived in it for 15 years. They had many treasured, antique or heirloom pieces of furniture.

They were renovating and so also asked for storage services as they did not want to move so many items into their short-term rental. 

Storage was $250 monthly inclusive of insurance. The move into storage and to the rental was $1500. They were happy to be able to sort out affordable storage and a great moving experience from the same company.

Weekday or weekend removals?

Customers often ask if it is better to move on a weekday or on the weekend. The answer depends on your priorities. If pricing is important, we do offer lower rates for Mondays to Thursdays over Fridays to Sundays. 

Most customers want to move over the weekend with Fridays and Saturdays being the most requested days. Hence the lower pricing on weekdays so we can entice customers to book other days and we can spread out our workload.

Many customers have no choice in the matter and must stick to strata rules which govern that moves can only happen on weekdays and for offices and businesses, sometimes only after hours moves are allowed.

If you do have a choice though, choosing a weekday or weekend removals depends on parking, traffic, and how busy your building is.

Customers often prefer to move on the weekends to avoid the traffic on the roads. If they get the timing right it is true that it is easier to avoid traffic on the weekends. Parking may also depend on the time of day and the time of week. When you decide whether to move on a weekday or a weekend consider both parking availability and traffic.

The other aspect to consider when deciding which day to move is how busy your building is when it comes to people using the lift or the stairs. Unless you have priority access, it’s best to move when few people are using the lift or the stairs. 

Tips for moving into Castle Cove

Castle Cove is perfect for young families looking for a quiet, leafy suburb. More than half of it is made up of parklands: Castle Cove Park, Willis Park, and the Explosive Reserve woodlands.

The village houses a few shops and restaurants and if you want more, the Willoughby shops are nearby, as well as other vibrant North Sydney suburbs, and bustling Chatswood is only 10 minutes away.

Other benefits? Castle Cove Public School is a great school. There is an express bus to the city (though other public transport options are scant). Waterfront views are available!

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