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moving in eastern suburbsCan you move from one unit to another within the Eastern suburbs in less than two hours?

Recently we’ve had a few customers claim that this should be possible. They say they’ve only got a 2-bedroom unit. They say they are minimalists without much furniture. They say there should be on-street parking. They say the two units are close to each other. They say, they say, they say… and yet usually it takes about four hours to do an Eastern suburbs move.

Why is this?

Some streets are very narrow and our truck cannot fit easily, which means really careful driving to make sure neither your items nor our truck are damaged.

The parking limits on most streets (2 hours, no loading zones, etc) means we often have to be vigilant about where we park and how long for which sometimes means parking some distance away from the unit.

Large houses with enormous parking spaces such as in Bellevue Hill or Vauclause are usually a lot easier in terms of parking and loading. Units, on the other hand, are usually much more complicated.  Some eight floor apartment buildings in Bondi and Potts Point have only one or two lifts for all the residents which means taking turns with residents to use the lift unless you are somehow able to bribe all their neighbours to take the stairs.  Terraced houses in Paddington and Surry Hills are lucky to have one parking spot and it never usually fits a truck that takes as much space as two standard sized cars.  Believe us when we say it will take 4 hours to move your unit!  It comes from extensive experience!!!

And yet… we did have a Potts Point move that took two hours.  The two strong gym-frequenting clients moved almost as much furniture as the pro removalists.  We got lucky with parking and the lifts.

So you still think you can do your Eastern Suburbs move in 2 hours?

If you really want to then make sure you have the following:

1. Strong, handy people to help move things

2. Pre arranged parking which fits at least two cars

3. Everything packed and ready to go.

… and exclusive access to the lift (good luck with this one!)

We’ll do our best to do it as quickly as possible without damaging your things.  After all, what good is a two hour move if your furniture and walls are scratched and dented?

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