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4 bedroom house to another 4 bedroom house within Castle Hill

The Chens bought a house in Castle Hill.  Due to the size of the home and the list of items, at first we recommended 4 men and 2 trucks.  The Chens only wanted one 4.5t truck and said they only wanted furniture moved.  We told them if they wanted to avoid 2 trucks or 2 trips or to save money on the hourly that they should move all their small items ahead.   Though they managed to move a few items prior to the move, on moving day the men didn’t only move the pieces of furniture but other bric-a-brac such as lamps, the ironing board, laundry rack.  The Chens learned why we had given them the initial recommendation of 4 men and admitted that they had not done as much as they’d planned.  All in all they were impressed with our expertise, advice and the general quality of the service.

Consequently, two trips were needed in the end and the whole job cost $780. 


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