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Two Men And a Truck

The most popular moving service is a two guys and a truck. This service is the most suitable for people who are moving from 1-2 bedroom place and who have fairly easy access at both pick up and delivery points. As we are determined to make moving easy the truck is equipped with the following equipment:

  • 2 Trolleys to move boxes and bulkier items.
  • 2 Dollies that are very handy when you move from an apartment block.
  • 15-20 Straps to secure furniture inside the truck.
  • 20-30 Furniture removal blankets to protect your items form scratches.
  • A toolbox to disassemble and assemble furniture that can't be moved otherwise
  • A roll of shrink wrap to cover your mattress and protect it from dirt and dust
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2 Men & a Truck Full Moving Services

2 Men & a Truck

$110/ Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 2 hours
* $120/hour on FRI-SUN Moving

What's included?

Apart from the usual furniture lifting and loading and unloading, our two men and a truck service also includes the following:

  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Simple installation of appliances
  • Mattress stretch wrapping
  • Wrapping all other items in furniture pads.

When do you need 2 men and a truck?

Two men and a truck are ideal for studio apartments, and 1 to 2-bedroom units and apartments with a lift or easy access.  Our trucks have a capacity of 27 cubic metres which is just over a standard 2-bedroom home.  You may be tempted to get a van, but a truck is best if you’re moving more than 3 large items of furniture and if you’re moving a king bed, double door fridge or a piano.

The Cost of Moving Your Home With Two Guys and a Truck

Studio apartment- It is the easiest job and usually takes 2-3 hours to complete and costs $250-$400. We recommend finding a parking spot in advance as most of studios are in the inner city and we all know how easy it is to get parking there.

1 bedroom apartment - One bedroom apartment relocations take a bit longer. It usually takes 3-5 hours and costs $350-$600 to move one. As always there can be some variation depending on factors such as access, the number of furniture and boxes you have to move.

2 Bedroom apartment or house- Usually takes 3.5-6 hours to move and costs $500-$900. For amore accurate quote, we highly recommend completing an online quotation form, then we can provide you with more accurate information.

two men and a truck Most Common Questions

What is considered a local move?

It depends on who you ask!  Sydney is a city of villages, and a lot of people would say a local move is only within their own suburb or their own local council area.  Many Sydneysiders won’t go over the bridge or leave the Shire/the Eastern suburbs/ the North Shore.  It is a matter of preference.

Technically any move within 40km for us is a local move, but you will definitely find Sydneysiders who disagree!

How much is the charge for two men and a truck?

With V-move two men and a truck cost $110 hourly from Mondays to Thursdays plus a call out or $120 hourly from Fridays to Sundays.  Including the call out fee, our average hourly price is around $140 for most Sydney suburbs.

How much does it cost for a local move?

Local moves using our 4.5t truck can cost anywhere between $250 to $1200 depending on the size of the move, the access points, any specialty items such as pianos, etc.  Requiring additional services such as packing and boxes will also add to the total price.    For a more precise quote, please complete our online quotation form.

Is it worth getting movers?

When you look at the price of getting movers it may seem expensive.  However, there may be other costs you haven’t factored in.  When you are moving yourself, you won’t necessarily have the insurance to cover any damages you may cause or cover yourself if you get injured.

Professional removalists work efficiently and know what they are doing.  If you move yourself you may find you need to make many trips or need a lot of people to help you.  The added fuel costs, the time it takes and any stress that you may have if you need to extend your lease to finish your move are well worth getting removalists.

How much do packing boxes cost?

Cardboard boxes cost $3 or $3.50 each for medium and large (tea chest) sizes.  Port a robes are $22 each.  Most studios will need around 25 boxes, 1 bedroom apartments need around 30-40 boxes and 2 bedroom apartments will need around 40-50 boxes.   V-move’s delivery fees for cardboard boxes are $40 each delivery.

We recommend plastic box hire for customers who pack and unpack quickly.  This is the most economical and convenient option as it includes delivery and pick up.

Make Your Moving Easy

And save Moving Budget - Hire Plastic Crates

Cancellation and Rebooking Policy

Please make your booking carefully.  Any changes to the booking must be made 48 hours before the move or earlier.  Any rebookings within 48 hours of the move will incur a $100 rebooking fee which must be paid before the move.    If you cancel a move within 48 hours prior to the move and attempt to make a booking at a later date, we will refuse service.

We reserve the right to refuse service for repeated cancellations and rebookings.

Call out policy & prices

Download our call-out and services price list. Do not hesitate to call us on 0474220573 or write to us at if you have more questions.

The call-out and return to base fee is a fixed fee to cover the truck and removalists’ travel costs from the depot to the pickup address and from the delivery address back to the depot.  The applicable fee is based on the furthest suburb, e.g. if moving from Enmore ($50) to Mt Colah ($180) the applicable fee is $180.

We move specialty items such as pianos, pool tables, heavy marble tables, and more for an additional charge.  For a full list of items and specialty moves that require a surcharge please read our Specialty items Surcharge List.

Have bigger job? Take bigger moving team

3 Men & a Truck

$150/ Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 2 hours
* $160/hour on FRI-SUN Moving

3 Men & a Truck & Van

$180/ Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 3 hours
* $190/hour on FRI-SUN Moving

4 Men & 2 Trucks

$220/ Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 4 hours
* $230/hour on FRI-SUN Moving