3 Men And a Truck

Our three men and a truck service is most requested by customers with large homes or who have a lot of things.  They usually have tricky access points with lots of walking and/or flights of stairs. 

We offer three options for this service: three men and 30 Cbm  truck, three men and a 35 Cbm truck or three men and a 45 Cbm Truck.  Larger trucks are suitable for 3-bedroom houses with lots of furniture and boxes.  Three men and the smaller truck are best used when your place may be small (a typical 2 bedroom unit) but you live on the third floor with no lift, have outdoor stairs or there is a long path or walk to the entrance of your building.

Three men will speed up your move and help each other with large cumbersome items.  If you have many boxes, a three man team will also reduce the time it takes as 2 men focus on the large furniture and appliances and the third man lifts boxes and small items such as lamps, small kitchen appliances, etc.

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3 Men & a Truck Full Moving Services

3 Men & a Truck

Starting from $260/Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 3 hours

What's included?

Our trucks are equipped with toolkits, furniture pads, dollies, trolleys, straps and shrink wrap so that your removalists can offer services such as mattress wrapping, furniture padding, disassembly and reassembly of furniture.  These are standard services and are all part of our hourly rates.

When do you need 3 men and a truck?

There are a few situations when you might need 3 men and a truck.  Generally, if you have more than 27 cubic metres of furniture (3+ bedrooms) we recommend you go with 3 men and a large truck.

The 3 men and the truck combination are also recommended for homes with more than 40 boxes, large cumbersome furniture such as marble furniture, antique sideboards or display cabinets that do not pull apart.

If your access is tricky, we would also recommend 3 men.  Some building complexes have a long path or other homes are in suburbs where it is difficult to find parking which mean 2 men could take all day to load everything into a truck.  If your unit is on the 3rd floor and the access is stairs only or if you have outdoor stairs such as many homes by Sydney’s beautiful bays, we also suggest you get a three-man team.

The Cost of Moving Your Home With With Three Guys and a Truck

Our rates and services for 3-man teams depend on the trucks booked.

The average time it takes a 3-man team to move a 2-bedroom unit with tricky access or lots of small items and boxes is 4-6 hours with a total cost of around $600-$950.  The average time it takes a 3-man team with a large truck to move a 3 bedroom house is 5-8 hours with a total cost of about $900-$1800.

3 men and a truck Most Common Questions

Do you provide a full moving service?

We surely do!  We are a one stop shop for all your moving needs.  From packing, boxes, removals and unpacking services we do it all.  Our full moving services are usually done over a 2-day period but with a large enough team, we can do everything in one day.  Full services moves start from $800 for studio apartments, $1500 for 2-bedroom homes and $2200 for 3 bedroom homes or larger.

If you are interested in a full moving service, we highly recommend you book a free quote inspection.  A project manager will come to inspect and provide a formal fixed price.

How much does it cost for a local move?

There are many cost variables for local moves such as access, parking, distance between the two homes, the type of services booked, and the type and number of home contents.

When you book a 3-man team the average cost for a local move largely depends on which truck you need and how big your home is.  The average price for 3 men and a medium truck is $600-$950 whereas the average price for 3 men and a large truck is $900-$1800.

Do movers disassemble furniture?

Yes, the removalists will disassemble your furniture and it is all part of the hourly rate!  The advantages of having your removalists disassemble your furniture are:

  • They are experienced and have all the right tools and will disassemble furniture a lot faster than you would.
  • If they disassemble the furniture and reassemble at the other end, no parts will go missing as they usually do when the customer disassembles.
  • They are less likely to damage the furniture in the process of dismantling it – again because they have do it so many times!
What items will Movers not move?

There are many hazardous items that are “uninsurable” and should not ride in the truck.  Not only could they cause irreparable damage to your items and our trucks but they could endanger the lives of our men.  These items are flammables such as gas cylinders, paint, fuels, sprays.  Firearms, ammunition, car batteries, chemicals, fire extinguishers are other non-allowable items.  Such items must be transported by the customer in their own car.

We also cannot carry your pets as it is very dangerous for them.   If you need to move your pet, we recommend getting a pet relocation service customised to your needs or if it is a local move, for you to bring them yourself.

Make Your Move Easier

And save on your packing material budget - Hire Plastic Crates

Cancellation and Rebooking Policy

We take a deposit of $100 for hourly rate bookings and 10% for fixed price bookings.  This deposit is non-refundable, so please make your booking carefully.

Any changes to a booking should be made as soon as possible.  If you cancel or make changes to a booking and we cannot accommodate the change (e.g. a change in time, date or the service booked), we may keep the deposit and refuse the service if we are unavailable.

The latest cancellation is before 5pm the business day before your move.  A further cancellation fee covering our minimum booking will apply if you cancel later than this.

We reserve the right to refuse service for repeated cancellations and rebookings.

Call out policy & prices

We charge a half hour, 1 hour or 1.5 hour call out depending on suburb.   We work Mondays to Saturdays and our hourly rates start from $190 for the smallest truck ranging to $300 for the largest truck.  Do not hesitate to call us on 02 7201 9367 or write to us at book@vmove.com.au if you have more questions.

The call-out and return to base fee is a fixed fee to cover the truck and removalists’ travel costs from the depot to the pickup address and from the delivery address back to the depot.  The applicable fee is based on the furthest suburb, e.g. if moving from Enmore (none) to Mt Colah (1 hour) the applicable fee is 1 hour.

We move specialty items such as pianos, pool tables, heavy marble tables, and more for an additional charge.  For a full list of items and specialty moves that require a surcharge please read our Specialty items Surcharge List.

Have bigger job? Take bigger moving team

3 Men & a Truck & Van

$250/ Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 3 hours

4 Men & 2 Trucks

Starting from $300/Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 4 hours


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