3 Men, a truck and a van

Three men, a truck and a van are a rarely requested combination.  We usually recommend this service for moves where the access does not allow for a large truck but there are a lot of items to be moved. 

If you have over 27 cubic metres to move but the height clearance of the loading zone in your new building is low, this service is for you!  If there is a steep sloped driveway as there is in many coastal or hillside properties, you may need a truck for all your items, and a van to ferry them down. 

Using this service, you can ensure all your items will travel in one trip while enabling the team to ferry your items safely using the van.    When the access is really tricky whether it is a low height clearance or if there are any obstructions such as low hanging cables, we can replace the van with a ute at the same rate. 

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Three Men, a truck and a van Full Moving Services

3 Men & a Truck & Van

Starting from $260/ Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 3 hours

What's included?

This service includes two fully equipped vehicles that have trolleys, dollies, toolkits for the disassembly and reassembly of furniture and connection of appliances, straps and furniture pads.

It also comes with an experienced, professional crew of packers/removalists who can wrap your mattresses and fragile items, reconnect your white goods and disassemble furniture that won’t fit through the door.

When do you need 2 men and a truck?

Three men, a van and a truck are necessary when you have a combination of the following circumstances:
You are moving more than 27 cubic metres worth of furniture and household goods (3+ bedroom homes)
You have a low height clearance (lower than 3.4m) or there are access restrictions (low hanging cables, narrow streets, etc).
The access to your property is through a steep ramp/street/driveway.
If you are undecided between 3 men, a truck and a van or 3 men and a large truck, please book an inspection with us.  The supervisor will check the access points at the pick up and delivery addresses and determine the right service for you.

The Cost of Moving Your Home With Three Guys, the truck and the van

Three men, a truck and a van have an hourly rate that depends on the size of truck used. As this service is usually booked for very specific moves, there is no reliable average price guide.

It often boils down to the type of furniture being moved, the access at both pick up and delivery addresses and the total volume being moved. We have recently used this service for a 3 bedroom house on Tennyson Point and the total price was $2200.

Another job was a full-service packing, moving and unpacking job with 2 packers and 2 removalists in Bondi beach.  Parking was severely limited on the customer’s street so the van and truck had to swap places.  The van ferried boxes after the packers would pack whole rooms and the truck was used to load all the furniture.  The total price for this move was $4600 inclusive of box hire and packing materials.

 If you think you need a truck, a van and 3 men, it would be best to book an inspection with on 1800 001 110 so we can provide you with a fixed price.

two men and a truck Most Common Questions

How much can you fit in in a Truck and Van?

The total capacity for a medium (4.5t) truck and van is 42 cubic meters which is a fully furnished 3-bedroom home with many boxes.  We also offer the large truck and van which can fit 60 cubic metres ( the contents of a 4-6 bedroom house).

How much is two men and a truck?

Two men and a truck have an average price of $140 per hour.   The breakdown is call out plus $110 hourly from Mondays to Thursdays or $120 hourly from Fridays to Sundays

How much does it cost for a local move?

According to Canstar’s ratings, the average local move in Sydney costs anywhere from $300 to $3500 with hourly rates of $75 to $300 depending on the type of move (a few items, a whole unit or house).

What is included in the moving costs?

The moving costs include shrink wrapping for mattresses and blanket padding for all other furniture and appliances, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and simple installation of white goods.  We also do not have hidden charges such as for tolls, stairs or fuel so these are already a part of our hourly fees and call out.

How do I keep moving expenses down?

There are many ways you can keep your moving costs down but these are the main ways:

  • Declutter as much as you can before moving day. Give away or sell furniture and household goods that you do not need or want at your new home.
  • Pack well. Everything that is small or medium sized including small kitchen appliances such as toasters, blenders and food processors, lamps, umbrellas, etc should be boxed up.
  • Plan parking and access for the team. Use your car to save a good spot for on street parking, book loading zones and priority lift access if you live in an apartment.
  • Move small items ahead of the move to ensure the removalists have clear passage and are only moving the large items.

Make Your Moving Easy

And save Moving Budget - Hire Plastic Crates

Cancellation and Rebooking Policy

Please make your booking carefully.  Any changes to the booking must be made 48 hours before the move or earlier.  Any rebookings within 48 hours of the move will incur a $100 rebooking fee which must be paid before the move.    If you cancel a move within 48 hours prior to the move and attempt to make a booking at a later date, we will refuse service.

We reserve the right to refuse service for repeated cancellations and rebookings.

Call out policy & prices

Download our call-out and services price list. Do not hesitate to call us on 0474220573 or write to us at book@vmove.com.au if you have more questions.

The call-out and return to base fee is a fixed fee to cover the truck and removalists’ travel costs from the depot to the pickup address and from the delivery address back to the depot.  The applicable fee is based on the furthest suburb, e.g. if moving from Enmore ($50) to Mt Colah ($180) the applicable fee is $180.

We move specialty items such as pianos, pool tables, heavy marble tables, and more for an additional charge.  For a full list of items and specialty moves that require a surcharge please read our Specialty items Surcharge List.

Have bigger job? Take bigger moving team

4 Men & 2 Trucks

$220/ Hour

+ Call out fee
*Min. Booking is for 4 hours
* $230/hour on FRI-SUN Moving

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