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Moving during holidays: pros, cons and tips

Are you moving during the holidays?  Whether it’s by choice or not, there are many benefits to moving during the holidays.  There are also drawbacks you may not have considered.  Here are all the pros and cons you may not have considered and some tips to help you!


  • Usually offices and other workplaces close around this period so you don’t need to apply for leave just to move.  There are also paid public holidays which come in handy when you have to think about moving expenses and time off.
  • Friends and family often have time off around this time of year and are feeling the Christmas spirit.  They will often help babysit your kids and pets while you move.  The best of them will open their doors and let you stay with them while you are transitioning between one home to another.  They can also help you with the move itself.
  • The roads can be quieter if everyone is going out of town and you are moving a few suburbs down.
  • If the move comes with a new school for the kids, now is the best time since they finish the school year in one school and start the next with the new one.
  • New home for the new year!  With 2018 right around the corner, it feels great to move into a new place and start fresh!


  • If you’re getting ready for Christmas dinners, New Year parties it can be very hectic to have to pack, move and settle in as well as go to the many events all in the same week.
  • Moving companies can close around this time.  The few that are open book out quickly and some charge holiday surcharges.  Avoid disappointment by checking your removalists’ closing days and booking early.
  • If you’re moving out of town you will be in the same traffic as people leaving town to go home for the Holidays.
  • Australian holidays means Australian summer, it can be really uncomfortable for yourself and your movers to move in this heat.  Hydrate, stay in the shade, turn up your airconditioning if you’ve got it.
  • It can be really expensive to pay for your move and pay for Christmas and New year events and presents.  Budget for your move by inquiring lots of removalists.


  • Research your removalists for holidays charges and availability well in advance.  Get a few quotes and book as soon as possible.  Read more of our blog entries for tips on choosing good movers in Sydney: Good removalists in Sydney, Sydney Removalist Reviews: a guide
  • Try to book your move mid holiday when it is very quiet.  This also gives you time to pack and unpack at ease at the beginning and end of the holidays.
  • Ask for help from your family and friends.  Instead of giving you gifts they can help you by lending you their trailer, letting you stay with them.
  • Make plans for your children, either by putting them in a holiday club, getting family to babysit.  For more tips on that read Moving with children

Good luck with your holiday move.  If you want to book us, please be aware of our closing days below:

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