Stanmore to Dulwich hill

Two-bedroom apartment from level 2 to a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor.
It took 5 hours to move them with the total bill of $650.

Sarah and Rob had a baby and bought their first apartment. They were on a budget, so they chose the most popular service: two men and the truck. They asked us for advice on how to make their move as fast and budget friendly as possible.  We sent them our moving guide with tips on how to speed up their move, mainly: planning parking and access, decluttering and packing well and getting someone to take care of their baby while they packed and moved. 

They chose us because our fee system was transparent and given the stairs at their pick up address, they liked the fact that we didn’t charge a stairs fee.  They got nan to babysit while they packed everything in advance.  As a consequence, their home was immaculate and more than ready for the move. They complimented our men for handling their large furniture over the stairs without any scratches. 

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Important Things To Know When Moving From Apartment Complex

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