From Parramatta to Casula

2-bedroom unit from Parramatta to 3-bedroom townhouse to Casula.
The total cost was $780.

The Smiths bought a new house in Casula and were happy to say goodbye to renting at Parramatta, they also bought a lot of furniture that needed to be assembled.  They asked us to provided an estimate of time for removals and furniture assembly and wondered if this would attract an additional cost.  Though they usually assembled furniture themselves since they bought brand new furniture that they wanted assembled properly, this time they wanted removalists to do it.  We told them that unlike some removalists, we didn’t charge additional fees, only our usual hourly rate. 

We also advised them that furniture disassembly and reassembly was part of our standard service such that all our trucks are fitted with professional toolkits.  We sent them our standard 2 men and 4.5t truck service.  The call out and return to base was $150, the hourly rate was $110 as they booked in on a Wednesday.  The move took around 4.75 hours and all their new furniture was assembled in about 45 minutes.  They were amazed at the speed and wondered why they had always assembled furniture themselves in the past.

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