From Newtown to Lewisham

3-bedroom double storey house to a 3rd level 3-bedroom townhouse.
Overall the move took 5.5h and cost them $1070 + $60 for plastic boxes, since they kept them for 2 weeks in total.

Yuko and Ben had never moved with another moving company before we moved them.   They had always moved themselves using a hired truck with Ben doing the bulk of the lifting with a friend.  To make things easier they decided to book professionals for the first time.

 Initially they believed they only needed 40 crates for hire but based on the inventory provided we recommended they take on 60 crates with a free first week.  Eventually they packed 57 crates and said they would never go back to cardboard boxes after they found the crates were much sturdier and faster to pack and stack. Also, when they asked for a quote, they wondered whether they’d need a 10t truck.  We advised to use 3men the truck and van service, since parking space in their old house was limited in Newtown. We managed to park our small truck and a van after 15 minutes right next to the entrance.   They appreciated the flexibility and realised a 10t truck would have been impossible to park in their narrow street in Newtown.  When it came to moving the crates, and home contents the move was a lot faster than they’d expected. 

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