From Darlinghurst to Surry hills

2 Bedroom Penthouse apartment from Darlinghurst to Surry hills.
The fixed price was for $1900 with truck and the ute.

Sadiya and Roy had a 2-bedroom penthouse apartment in a complex with very strict building management rules.  The lift only went up to the second last level and access to their penthouse was through stairs.  There was also a 2.2m height clearance.  They also wanted their kitchen packed and had a prized collection of vintage wines in their wine cabinet.  The supervisor provided them with a fixed quote for a truck and van with 3 men and an hourly rate for the packing as they wanted to see how much packing they could get done.

We wrapped their remaining bottles carefully on a Sunday when Sadiya had taken their son out and packed the rest of their kitchen.  Moving day was Monday.  Though the access was tricky for the penthouse with stairs, a lift and the ute ferrying items to the truck, loading took 6 hours.  At their new house in Surry Hills though parking was a tight fit, Roy managed to save a spot next to the house so that unloading was a lot faster, only 3 hours.

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