From Ashfield to Wollongong

Two bedrooms apartment and a garage
Fixed Quote after inspection: $3000

Aisha and Steve were in a tight spot.  The were supposed to move to Wollongong by themselves in the space of a week, when suddenly Steve’s employer asked Steve to go overseas for work.  They had previously booked us for the removals service at an hourly rate.  Since Steve’s employer realised that they were putting a lot of pressure on Steve in their last week in Sydney, they offered to pay for packing, boxes and the whole move.  Aisha called our office urgently to organise a fixed quote inspection.  Given the limitations of their timing, the supervisor arranged to do an inspection on Sunday morning.  We emailed a fixed quote the next business day which was approved. 

Aisha had a 6-month baby and with her husband away she just could not do any packing or source boxes for her move.  Their 2-bedroom apartment had a lot of valuables collected over the years: well-loved houseplants, guitars, and a garage full of stored belongings.  Our quote covered a full service including plastic crate hire, packing and unpacking and the move itself over a 2-day period.  The cost of the whole job was $3000.  Thanks to the full-service move, Aisha and Steve didn’t have to prepare anything in advance. 

The team dealt with all of it from beginning to end, packing each item with care, moving everything to Wollongong.  Aisha gave us a 5-star rating on our customer satisfaction survey and said that we took all the stress away from the most stressful week in their lives since their bub was born.

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