From Rose Bay to Vaucluse

6-bedroom house from Rose Bay to Vaucluse
Our removalists managed to move everything on the same day.  It took 10 hours and the total cost was $3960

A family of 6 had not moved in 20 years and had a house full of 20 years of toys, memories, collectibles and valuable furniture.  There were 140 cubic meters to be moved and Bob and Lani wanted it all done on one day.  Their old house had 2 storeys and was on Old South Head Rd with a large driveway but a very busy road.  Fortunately, they had 2 entrances.  We brought a team of 6 men and three 4.5t trucks to make sure the trucks could park around the area easily and that there were constantly items being loaded and unloaded.  The supervisor managed logistics so that at no point there were no empty hands.

As Bob worked from home, one room was an office with state-of-the-art technology and a boardroom style table.  They also had a lot of artwork.  The team made sure that all these valuable were wrapped well and moved carefully.  The delivery address was a house that was being built from the ground up but the work had not yet been completed.  Labourers were still working as the removalists were unloading their trucks.  With good logistical planning and communication with the buildings, the home contents were brought into the house without disrupting anyone’s work.

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