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Moving With Children

There are a lot of things to consider when you are moving with children.  It can be an exciting yet hectic time.  If you don’t consider your family, moving with them could become difficult for your kids and stressful for you.  Read these factors and make sure you’re on top of it all!

Telling the kids you’re moving!

Your children may be attached to their family home.  If you’re moving to a different suburb, moving schools may also be a  consideration.  Tell your children early on that you’re moving and involve them in the process so they don’t feel as if they are being pushed out of their own home forcibly.  Take them to house viewings, ask them for their opinion, ask them if they want to redecorate their future room or keep it the same.  Bring them to a park or eat out with them when you are viewing a place you see as the real deal to give them a pleasant early memory of the new house even before you move in.

Saying goodbyes can be rough, let the school know, have a farewell party!  Pack and declutter together as a family.  Communicate and listen to their feelings all the way through.

Choosing a child-friendly suburb

The suburb you chose may have some obvious family-friendly qualities such as safe and close to good schools.  However, consider other important factors that make a suburb ideal for families.  Are there busy roads and intersections nearby?  Are there parks, sports facilities, afterschool clubs or activities for your kids?  Is there a mother’s group, church or other local community for support?  Check out the neighbourhood ahead: are your neighbours other families or partying students?

Moving day

Moving with kids is a mixed bag.  If they are old enough and mature enough to help that’s great!  If they are young and playful it is better to get a babysitter or relative to look after them while you’re moving.  Young children can often get in the way of professional removalists or yourself and slow the whole process down.  It is also dangerous for them to walk around while movers are lifting and carting around large heavy white goods or furniture.

Settling the family in

Moving the family in is as important as it is moving them out.  Create a sense of home.  Unpack and decorate together.  If you’re looking for new furniture and homewares let the kids choose something each for their room.  Create rituals and family traditions in your new home such as board game nights. Have a housewarming party and invite the friends’ kids and their families as well as neighbouring families.  Play games with your children to get to know your neighbourhood better.  Get your kids involved in community activities and clubs.

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