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Interstate moves are bigger, more difficult and often more stressful than the typical suburban move.  Long distance interstate moves between New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland can include variables and problems you may not know. These are some factors to consider when choosing an interstate removalist and aspects of your interstate move that you should plan.

The quote

When posting your move, looking through quotes and choosing a removalist, take care.  The cheapest quotes may be very risky and come from dodgy or inexperienced movers.  An experienced, professional removalist will inspect your property for free, offer a fixed quote and a range of options (storage, insurance, dates and times).  The quote process should be transparent and clear.  Once you have been given a fixed quote read the terms carefully and ensure it is truly comprehensive.  Does it cover all you need it to? Back to base charges, insurance, etc?


When asking removalists questions to choose the right one, find out if there will be subcontracting.  Will the team unloading the truck in Melbourne be different to the one who loaded the truck at Sydney?  Does this mean they hired a contractor in Melbourne?  If the removalist business has hired a subcontractor across state lines, it may not be a bad sign as long as they have long term working arrangements.  Beware of movers who hire subcontractors once-off across state lines because of the odd job.  The consistency of the work may fail once you reach your new home!

Ask your mover what their arrangements are in this regard, if it is the same team moving them in and out.  If they are different, are they employees or subcontractors?  How long have the subcontractors been working with the moving business you hired?


Your furniture and other belongings will be travelling for a long time.  What insurance do they have?  What does it cover?  Ensure that there is sufficient insurance and read terms carefully.  There is nothing worse than starting off in a new city having to replace broken furniture or having lost a valuable item.  With looking for or starting a new job, settling in the kiddies and unpacking and settling in you have enough on your plate!

Truck size and capacity

After inspecting your home, the right removalist will correctly determine which truck is best to move all your belongings.  If they turn up with the wrong capacity truck on the day, make sure they make up for it.  They’d better provide a second truck or a bigger truck at no extra cost to you. The best removalists will plan this well and make sure all your belongings will travel in one trip.


If you will need to store belongings, inquire whether they have a storage facility and what the cost is.  Research storage facilities as they often come up with the best prices and it may be worth arranging it separately and simply have your mover deliver to a storage facility then have your items picked up when it is time.

Turnaround time and schedule

Ask your interstate mover about the turnaround time for your move and the schedule for pick-up, loading, delivery and unloading.  Professional removalists should be able to guarantee a 24 hour or 48 hour turnaround depending on the distance.  Confirm the schedule to make sure you arrive and have keys before your removalists.  Good removalists will be punctual and communicative in relation to their schedule.

The key to a smooth move is to have everything packed and you  only move the items you want.

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