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The Latest In Interior Design And Renovation

2020 kept many people at home. With new eyes, we started noticing the ways in which our homes could be improved to accommodate our living and working lives.The interior design trends for 2021 reflect the growing awareness of what makes a cosy and welcoming home environment. We are likely to spend more time at home this year so our home interior should celebrate comfort and functionality. Here are some of V-Move’s design ideas and home renovation trends for the year ahead.

2021 Is A Warm And Inviting Home

For 2021, cool interior designs are no longer cool – at least, in color scheme. This year, various paint manufacturers have put out their color of the year and all of them exude warmth. Dulux’s ‘Brave Ground’, Sherwin Williams’s ‘Urbane Bronze’ and Benjamin Moore’s ‘Aegean Teal’ all have an earthy, deep tone that invites you into the nest.

Pantone released two colors that balance vibrancy and dependability. ‘Illuminating’ is a pleasing and calm primary yellow and ‘ultimate gray’ is a mid-tone that acts as a foundation for more interesting bursts of color.

The colors of 2021 are sophisticated but not aloof. From all the experts on decorating trends, the year’s home décor recommendations are a reaction to staying at home and using the space for every area of your life.

These earthy, grounded shades are in line with the styles predicted to be popular in 2021. ‘Cottagecore’ and ‘Shabby Chic’ will give way to more refined styles, like ‘Modern Farmhouse’, ‘Rustic Vogue’, ‘Contemporary Country’ and ‘Classic Traditionalism’.

All these styles reflect a more lived-in quality of home life, with mixed and matched patterns and colors, and furniture design that is more eco-friendly by being vintage, antique, repurposed, salvaged or retro.

If you would prefer that your living spaces reflect the lost art of ‘getting away’ and showcase your daydreams of travel, the styles of ‘Distant Shores’, ‘Global Influence’ and ‘Ocean Hues’ are also on trend in 2021. These styles incorporate wall-hangings, materials, and other furnishings you may have picked up last time you were overseas.

Other trending home improvements for 2021 include making snug spaces in the home to retreat to. Open floor plans are out and places for solitary work or reflection are in. Make the home office a focal point of the house.

Using wallpaper to make feature walls and using pops of patterned natural fabrics in cushions and throws are the rave. Anything faux has had its day. This year, fill your house with plants. Accentuate sunny rooms with greens: olive green, seafoam, and teals. 2021 is about all living things in the home.

Everyone’s Switching To Eco Friendly

Whether you’re about to do a living room or bathroom renovation or transform your kitchen into the workspace you have always wanted, 2021 is the year to invest in environmentally conscious and energy saving fittings.

“Green solutions” include rainwater tanks, installing solar panels, and spending the money on energy saving whitegoods that will reduce your energy bills long term. Installing skylights and sun-blocking blinds can light the dark corners of the house without electricity or keep rooms of the house cool from direct sunlight, respectively.

Another trend for 2021 is creating a natural flow between inside and outside living spaces. This can be achieved by sliding or bifold glass doors, sunrooms, and patios. An indoor atrium or many potted plants framing the windows to the garden or balcony achieve the same result.

Finally, if you are building, 2021 could be the year to include a granny flat. Multigenerational homes are coming back in style with the uncertainties around future support for the elderly. For flexibility, the extra detached space can also be rented out short or long term.

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