Medium box


Ideal box for smaller, compact items such as books, games, and non-breakable items.  Glassware and other fragile items should be wrapped or placed between carton.

We have a box buy back system.   The box price is kept as a deposit which will be refunded upon return as per our  Box hire guide. If the box is not in good condition or it is returned too late, you keep the box and we keep the deposit.



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Books, wine bottles, CD’s/DVD’s, games and other non breakable items.

Specifications Internal Dimensions:
Length: 406mm
Width: 298mm
Height: 431mm
Cubic Litres: 52
Cubic Metres: 0.052
Weight: 0.59kg

Additional information

Weight0.59 kg
Dimensions704 × 10 × 630 mm


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