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How to find a good rental property

The Sydney rental property can be vicious: old rentals with hidden defects, highly coveted properties with queues of 30 or more applicants, properties that disappear by the time you get your application in.  Here is a guide to help you navigate the rental property market and get your application approved. Game plan your inspections So [...]

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How to pack and move yourself efficiently

A DIY move can be really full on.  Organise yourself and pack and move efficiently using these tips:   1. Make yourself a packing and moving schedule - and stick to it!!! Prepare a packing and moving schedule of about 4 weeks.  Choose moving dates, book loading zones and lifts, book your truck or ute [...]

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Why pay for professional moving boxes?

Professional moving boxes may cost more than boxes from supermarkets, liquor stores or other boxes out there.  However, they are worth it!  Here are some benefits of professional moving boxes: 1. Strength and durability Packaging cartons like ours have a double wall and are made of corrugated cardboard.  This means they are much stronger and [...]

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Essentials – what to pack for the last day of your move

When you're close to finishing up your packing you might accidentally pack something you need.  The opposite is also likely.  You might think you need more things and pack a few boxes of essentials that you later need to unpack and rummage through after a tiring day of moving.  Please have a look at our [...]

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Commercial relocation timeline

Commercial relocations can be overwhelming.  As a manager of your business you have a lot of responsibilities and perhaps very little time to make the move happen.  Even when you try to plan everything, it is easy to overlook key aspects to your move.  Here is a timeline to help!   1. Choose a moving [...]

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Removal services in Sydney: what services do you need?

When you see "removal services" what do you think of?  Is it two men and a truck?  Heavy lifting, trolleys and freight?  Here is a comprehensive list of removal services that can be provided by movers in Sydney:   Furniture removals This is the core of most moving services.  Typically, you choose the number of [...]

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How to pack a box

Invest in great boxes As tempting as it might be to get free boxes consider the benefit of buying good boxes: Your things are less likely to be damaged They are easier to pack and stack so a faster move overall Can be used again and again. So what makes a great box?  Great boxes [...]

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Backload Melbourne to Sydney

What is  a backload? A backload is a load transported on the return to base for a removalist or freight truck.  Removalists often do backloads to cut costs and optimise profits for any removal.  Removalists do backloads for long trips such as regional and interstate moves.  The return trip will always cost a removalist, so [...]

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