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A DIY move can be really full on.  Organise yourself and pack and move efficiently using these tips:


1. Make yourself a packing and moving schedule – and stick to it!!!

Prepare a packing and moving schedule of about 4 weeks.  Choose moving dates, book loading zones and lifts, book your truck or ute for hire and apply for leave from work if necessary.  Buy or hire boxes early, at least 4 weeks before your move.  Organise a council pick up for furniture and white goods you don’t plan on bringing with you.  Give yourself deadlines to get rid of items, pack and store and notify transfers or disconnection of utility services.  Even though it can be easy to procrastinate don’t!  Think of your packing and moving like a stack of dominos, anything you don’t deal with on the due date will topple over and delay the rest of it!


2. Declutter first!

Decide what you will not be bringing with you early on in your move.  Arrange a local council pick up or plan a trip to Vinnies or Salvos to donate furniture or clothing.  Sell your items on Gumtree or E-bay.  Plan a trip to the tip for anything that can’t be recycled, collected, given away or sold.  If you get rid of any items you don’t need in your new home early on you will have fewer things to pack and more space to pack it in.  Not to mention a clearer view of what you have and don’t have and what you will be bringing into your new home!


3. Pack sensibly

Pack slowly and carefully, starting with non-daily items such as off-season clothes, spare linens, old documents and books.  Pack boxes by category or room so when you unpack it will all be unpacked to the same area at the same time.  Label boxes with rooms and a list of the most important contents.  Pack the essential last.  While you pack stack boxes into one designated space so on moving day you can pack heavy furniture and appliances in one go and boxes in another.


4. Notify change of addresses and transfers of service

Go through your list of services and contacts.  Transfer or terminate energy, internet and phone accounts as well as other memberships like the local library and the gym.  Have a look at our change of address notification list to make sure you haven’t missed anyone out.  Notify important people such as your employer, the tax office, update business registrations.  Consider a mailout and redirect for the usual suspects!


5. Plan for moving day!

Before your move think about what you can organise beforehand to make moving day itself easy.  Defrost and unplug your fridge and freezer.  If you have pets and young children, find someone to mind them.  Withdraw cash for expenses.  Organise a good time, preferably the day before, to get keys from your real estate agent.


6. An efficient moving day

For an efficient moving day, make sure everything is ready: get the keys to the lift if necessary, boxes grouped together and labelled, furniture and appliances unplugged, emptied and cords taped.  Check all access points and clear any pathways or driveways.  Have a roundabout schedule ready for moving, cleaning and key handover with deadlines ready for any real estate or building managers.  Make sure your cleaning and Day 1 essentials box are on hand and packed last.  After moving, do a box count and check you have everything with you.  Do a sweep of your old place to make sure you haven’t left anything behind!

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