How to pack and move a house in one day?

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How to pack and move in one day?

Packing and moving is already an incredibly stressful experience when you have time to do it within a reasonable deadline. Can you imagine if you had to do it in one day? Choosing the right removalist takes longer than that. But sometimes, you have no other choice but to do this. In this post we will explain how to move in one day and how to avoid common mistakes when doing this.

General packing and moving tips

  1. The most important advice is to start early: decluttering, packing boxes, booking the removals company or hiring the truck and organizing the family or friends to help a few weeks before moving day.
  2. Use boxes when relocating. It will save you time and if you are hiring movers, money as well.

Packing and moving at the same day

Let’s imagine you are doing everything without professional packers’ and movers’ help.

  1. You must get moving boxes ready in advance, you don’t want to waste your precious time driving around Sydney.
  2. You should get your packing materials ready: butcher paper, bubble wrap and packing tape if you are using cardboard boxes.
  3.  Your family or friends will have to be there early in the morning if you want to finish before sunset. The earlier you start, the earlier you finish.

Hire professional packers and movers to move you in one day

This a general process for doing it in one day, we usually prefer to do the pre-packing a day before, but there are times when circumstances dictate otherwise. Of course, depending on the size of the property that we are relocating, we adjust the number of furniture removalists and packers needed.

1. A team of two arrives early in the morning, preferably at 7am, with heavy duty carton or plastic moving boxes to start packing your items.

2. We would ask someone in the household to take the pet out for the day or keep them in doggy/cat daycare, so that the packers can work efficiently without unneeded distractions.

3. If you have teenagers, great, they can help you. If you have toddlers, they will be in your or our movers’ way, everyone will benefit if they with are with their grandparents or in daycare.  With children, it depends on their maturity and fitness.  They may be able to help out or they might get in the way, if it’s the latter please ask someone to watch them somewhere else.

4 Don’t forget dealing with real estate agents or landlords may take some time, allocate plenty of time to do this. If you plan carefully, you’ll have time to clean the house as well.

Full moving service by Inner West removalists

The full removals service is possibly the best you can get in the industry, that would include a packing and unpacking service, plastic moving crates hire and home relocation. Most likely everything would be done in one or two days. The full service is chosen by elderly, or extremely busy professionals, who have no time to do everything themselves.

Customers story who relocated in one day

Lyn and Thomas bought a three-bedroom apartment in Waterloo, after they found out that they were having a baby. They booked us for furniture removals a few weeks in advance, but they didn’t need extra services, as they were planning to pack everything themselves. Unfortunately, Lyn had the baby prematurely and Thomas boss wasn’t understanding about his situation, Thomas had to keep going to work instead of getting ready for the relocation.

A week before the booked moving date Lyn called us and explained her situation, that she has a two-week-old daughter and that her husband had no choice but to go to work, she asked if we could help her. Our solution to this situation was to pack and move everything in one day. After the conversation, Lyn was relieved and booked the full moving service.

On moving day, we used a team of four removalists, who distributed the workload evenly. There was a packer for each bedroom, and two packers for the kitchen and living room area. Whoever finished first, moved boxes to the truck, and in a few hours, we packed and moved everything to the new address.

While we were unloading, Lyn changed her mind about unpacking, she just wanted us to unpack boxes for the kitchen, the master bedroom, the bathroom and the living room. She wanted to declutter later when she was going to have more spare time. The unpacking was easy, as we were using plastic moving boxes it saved everyone from headache of where to put any rubbish left over after unpacking cardboard boxes. We finished at the same time as Thomas got back from work and he was so happy that he left $50 tip to each mover.

To complete this job in a professional and reliable manner we used 6 wardrobe boxes, 55 plastic moving boxes, 6 tea chest boxes, 5 kilograms of butcher paper and one packing tape roll.

V-move Removals owner conclusion

As experienced removalist who has done a thousand various types of moves and had to supervise more than a few thousands more I can say that to pack and move in one day is a challenging task even for professionals. When I started in this industry, I thought why would anyone pay for full service?  Over time I learnt that depending on your circumstances it is better to buy that extra service for that extra peace of mind.

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