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When moving house you want efficiency from your moving team – both fast and careful. However, you may have reservations about the precious items you want the removalists to handle with care.

The removal company you use should have the training and know-how to treat antique furniture and other fragile antiques and collectibles with the utmost diligence. V-Move Removals have the packing materials to pack fragile items, but here are some moving tips to give you even more peace of mind.


Take inventory when you pack and unpack. Make a list of all the fragile and precious items before the moving date and when you unpack at the other end, tick them off the list.

Take photos

Before moving fragile items, like your favourite antique piece, we recommend taking photos of your treasured belongings before the move. Put the items in good light and take multiple shots at different angles. This will help not only with the inventory, but in the unfortunate event you need to make a claim on insurance, too.


While furniture removals is our specialty and moving antiques is a part of our many moving services, accidents do happen. While we are covered if it is the fault of our removalists, there are some cases where breakages are just unlucky.

To make sure your pieces of furniture and other precious items are protected, we recommend looking into removals insurance. Don’t assume that your contents insurance covers moving day, too. Check with your insurance company and consider getting a quote.


If you are packing yourself and not using our qualified packers, here are some helpful suggestions for preparing your fragile items.

Pack precious and fragile items first and separately. Once they are all wrapped up and safe, they can be out of the way and less vulnerable to accidental knocks during the packing process.

Use bubble wrap over glass and around other breakable materials to give an added layer of protection. Fill insides of hollow items, like vases, with balls of scrunched up packing paper. Empty space does not cushion impact well, so don’t forget to protect those spaces, too.

You can purchase packing peanuts to fill boxes of more than one item. Reinforce boxes with packing tape so the bottom doesn’t fall out. Also, consider getting special boxes for large flat items.

Before you forget, label everything. It will help to know exactly where all your items are once they are covered by cardboard or plastic. This will help with inventory and unpacking later.

Move small items yourself

You can leave it with us to move antique furniture, but for smaller fragile items why not move them yourself? Save the worry and the space in the truck and transport your cherished belongings in the car. Keep them there until everything else has been unpacked and you will be sure your smallest treasures have been in the safest hands.

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