How much does it cost to move in Sydney?

One of the questions we most get asked is how much does it cost to move to a new house?   It is a very broad question and of course, the answer varies a lot.  It often depends on the distance between the two homes, the number of men and type of truck and services booked, how well packed everything is, and the type of access and parking available.

The cost of hiring a removalist company usually depends on the amount of time it takes.  Customers sometimes underestimate how long it will take to pack all their things and the time to pack a truck properly.  Sometimes a moving company will have to do some packing when the customer isn’t able to finish up.

Other time-consuming aspects of
the moving process include tricky access such as long paths from the entrance
to the home to the truck parking, traffic and distance, items that require care
when moving such as pianos and antiques, and so forth.

Different Australian furniture
removers also charge differently.  Some
have additional charges for flights of stairs, call out and/or return to depot,
fuel, and toll surcharges and so forth.  The
best removalists in Sydney do not have hidden charges or fees and will usually
either use hourly rates or a fixed price which is all-inclusive.

If you are moving soon, you
probably want a price guide to help you navigate through all the different
quotes, rates and charges as well as help you budget for your move.  This article will go through average hourly
rates, the average time taken and a general idea of what rates and services
cost when you move within Sydney.

What are the average hourly moving rates? How long does it take to move?

Most removalists in Sydney charge
between $75 to $300 per hour.  This range
covers everything from a man and a van to a larger team of 6 people with a
large truck or more.

Even if you know your hourly rate
and are assured that the service you have booked is the best for your home, you
will probably have one more question.
How long will it take them to move my home?

According to the Australian
Furniture Removers Association, it takes two men around 1 hour to load or
unload 10 cubic metres with “golden access”.
Golden access means that the parking is close to the entrance of the
building and flat such as a driveway and all the items are moved from the
ground floor.

The reality is often quite
different. Many apartments need lifts that can slow things down or require 3 or
more flights of stairs.  On-street
parking with restrictions, parking that is far away from the home or sloped
driveways can also slow things down considerably and require a third or fourth

Due to these factors, there is no
standard amount of time it takes to move a unit, apartment, or house.  When we, and other removalists, quote we
usually use a range and so do most comparison type websites.

Here we have a breakdown of the type of home moved, the type
of service usually booked, how long it will take and the average hourly rate.

How much does it cost to move a one-bedroom apartment?

Most studios and one-bedroom homes are moved by 2 men and a van or truck with an average hourly rate of $125. Most small units move in two to four hours with a total cost of $250-$500.

How much does it cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment?

Most 2-bedroom units or
apartments can also use a 2-man service.
The average hourly rate would be the same at $125 but it is likely to
take 4 to 6 hours.  The total cost for
this would be $500-$750.

How much does it cost to move a 3-bedroom house or any large home?

Large homes usually have 3
bedrooms or more.  The type of service
used is usually 3 or 4 men with a large truck or a combination of moving trucks.  The average hourly rate for 3 men and a Medium
Rigid truck is $175 whereas the rate for 4 men and two trucks or a Heavy Rigid
truck is $245.

A typical 3-bedroom apartment or
house takes between 5 to 8 hours to move and costs around $875 - $1,225 with 3

A typical 4 or 5-bedroom house
takes between 6 to 10 hours to move and costs around $1,470-$2450 with 4

Of course, all the ranges above
may not apply to your move!  There are a
lot of exceptions such as homes with outdoor stairs and are subject to poor
weather conditions, homes that have special items such as pianos, spas, pool
tables.  Additionally, there are
apartment complexes with a long path to the street parking or that require a
ferry vehicle such as a ute to bring the items down to the loading zone in a
low clearance garage.

Average costs for additional services

When you are looking for a few quotes you will find hourly
rates differ a lot.  This often depends
on the level of experience of the removalists, whether insurance is included,
and the type of truck or van used.

Some removalists cover furniture assembly and disassembly,
wrapping mattresses and lounges as part of their hourly rate whereas some charge
additional costs or do not offer these services.  When you get your quotes and are provided an
hourly rate it is good to check what that rate includes and does not.

When moving, customers will also request a quote for
additional services such as packing and unpacking, boxes, and storage.  The average price for these services is as

How much do packing services cost?

The average price for a packing and unpacking service is $50
per packer per hour.  However, moving
companies will also add a call out and packing material fee to that.  A packer packs 4 boxes per hour on average and
the times it takes to pack a house or unit depends on the size of the home and
the type of home contents.

On average it takes 2 packers around 2-3 hours to pack a
1-bedroom unit and another 2-3 hours to unpack it.  Two- or three-bedroom homes take closer to
4-8 hours.

How much do boxes cost?

Boxes are free for some packing and moving companies.  Others will charge particularly for cardboard boxes or for plastic box hire.  Cartons usually cost between $2 to $5 each depending on the size, dimensions, and type of box.

Plastic boxes are fairly new in the moving industry and
currently there are no average prices or comparison guides online.

How much does storage in Sydney cost?

There has never been a time with as many storage options as
there is today. There are storage cages, mobile units such as pods, storage
units, containers, garages and more.

There is a huge variety in services from self-storage with
24-hour access to warehouses with notice required.  You can rent from private individuals
subleasing a garage space or storage cage to companies that drop off a mobile
unit or container and pick it up when you have finished packing.

Here we will compare similar storage units provided by
storage and moving companies such as us.
The average cost for a storage unit in Sydney is $500 per month for a
standard garage sized unit.  However,
storage costs will vary with the type of items stored (high value or not), the
size of the unit required, type of security, the insurance required and so

How much will my move cost?

The prices we have provided are a rough guide and as you can
see above, depending on your needs and how well prepared for your move the
costs could vary a lot.

To avoid ballooning costs, we recommend setting a moving
budget including everything you will need such as packing material, insurance,
and a removalist.  After that, you should
get a few quotes (at least 3) and comparing them, packing well, and preparing
the best parking for your removalists.