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Hire a Box How does it work?

We deliver

In need of affordable and sturdy moving boxes? We have you covered. We deliver plastic boxes for $50 up to 25 km from Sydney CBD, additional fees apply for further distances.  Our diverse collection of boxes is made from strong and recyclable materials perfect for every situation including storage, home contents, office supplies, and much more.


Pack & Move

You can either choose to get stressed and do the legwork involved in packing your belongings yourself, or you can choose from our experienced staff of well-trained removalists. Though the former can help save you some money, choosing us can help you relax with some peace of mind. We offer a comprehensive range of moving and packing solutions tailored to your individual needs and preferences.


We Pick up

Schedule  a pickup with us on this link when you are ready for your box pick up. Our team of friendly removalists is flexible in handling your requests and ensure that you get the most efficient results. Whether your boxes are being picked up from a home or office we will take the due care.

OUR PACKAGES Competitive pricing for removal boxes

$139 for the first week,

Studio Package 25 boxes

$159 for the first week

1 bedroom package 30 boxes

$199 for the first week

2 Bedrooms Package 40 boxes

$239 for the first week

3 Bedrooms Package 60 boxes

$289 for the first week

4 Bedrooms Package 80 boxes

$339 for the first week

5 Bedrooms Package 100 boxes

F.A.Q. Most Common Questions from our customers

Thanks to your interest, we keep getting questions about our removals services, in particular plastic box hire. So, here are the most common questions we get with their answers.

When my wife and I started the journey of becoming one of the best removalists in Sydney, I didn't expect that we would offer such an excellent service like hiring out plastic moving boxes in Sydney, where people could choose to hire or buy a box. Combined with the best movers, I am sure that our customers will have peace of mind when they hire our plastic moving boxes. The only regret I have is, that we didn't offer this service ages ago. And of course, that I didn't meet my beloved one earlier.


Do you have plastic boxes for sale?

Our main business is a box hire, but if you really want to buy one, we could sell each one for $33. With enough patience and storage, you may even import some to Australia for way less.

How many V-move Boxes should I order?

It really depends on your needs. We have options for all sizes of moves, from studios to 5- bedroom mansions. If you have a larger mansion or a business, we can provide a custom package.

How big are the boxes?

The simple answer is 400mm(H)*360mm(W)*600mm(L), around 70 litres volume. But if you want to have a better understanding you should look at the pictures on our web page.

Do you clean the plastic moving boxes between rentals?

Yes, we do. We usually use microfibre cloth or towels and a disinfectant spray.

I'm moving to another state. Can I rent plastic moving boxes for my move?

Unfortunately, we do not have a presence in other states, and we do not provide this service, sorry again. One day we will provide this service, but meanwhile, please, buy good quality cardboard boxes from our website

If I can't unpack my boxes on time, can I keep the plastic moving crates for longer?

You rent our crates for a fee, which is stipulated on the box package. You can keep them as long as you want, but we suggest you unpack them and request an extension with enough time. This is because these packing boxes are pretty popular and we may need to supply them to a customer who put through an order before your request for an extension.

Do your boxes fit through doorways?

Yes, they do. The boxes are 60 cm in length, so they fit through most doorways and corridors.

Are plastic moving boxes friendly to the environment?

Honestly, the manufacturing process is not environmentally friendly, but over time due to its durability it pays off. So in the short term they are not, but in the long term they are ecofriendly and reduce overall waste.

How strong are V-move plastic moving boxes?

They are as strong as our movers, and our removalists are herculean, not only in strength, but in determination as well.

How long do I keep the boxes?

As long as you need them, since you pay per week you can keep them as long as it is convenient for you.

Is there a delivery or pick-up fee?

There is free delivery within 25km from Sydney CBD. Outside this radius, the delivery fee is $40 for other Sydney suburbs.  There is also a $40 delivery fee for cardboard boxes.

What is your service area?

We are based in Sydney Inner West, but we serve whole Sydney region. As a removals company we also do interstate moves such as Sydney to Melbourne, regional moves such as Sydney to Canberra, or Sydney to Newcastle, you choose. We always encourage customers to call us to arrange a free quote inspection for regional NSW and interstate moves.

Can I reschedule my pick-up?

Of course, just give us a call on 02 9171 0864 or email us on book@vmove.com.au, it's that easy.

Can I use your dollies to move my furniture?

Unfortunately, the dolly is not included in the box hire package, but you can always hire us as your furniture removalists and then you will get not only a dolly, but experienced movers as well.

Will you bring the plastic boxes up to my apartment?

If you mean using a lift, that's too easy. If you mean stairs, that's too easy as well, the delivery driver most likely is a professional removalist, who wants extra shifts or the owner himself. You can't lose on that.

Do I need tape?

You might need some packing materials, but you definitely won’t need tape. The boxes have a closable lid and you can use cable ties to secure them which are part of the package.  Of course, if you are using cardboard boxes you will have to use tape.

Can I choose my delivery and pick-up times?

Yes, you can within the available days (Mondays-Thursdays). We do deliveries and pickups during office hours.  It's best someone is at home all day but the day before, the manager will call to try and schedule a time that is mutually convenient

When do I pay?

You can pay online while you are ordering boxes, over the phone, or in cash to the delivery driver.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no extra fee, but the amount paid will not be refunded.

Can I reschedule my delivery?

You just need to call or email us as soon as you know the new schedule for the delivery.

Are you a moving company?

We are removalists in the Inner West, Sydney. We have also been in business since 2014 and we have substantial experience in moving houses.

Can I rent more plastic moving boxes from you if I run out?

Yes, you can, but we will charge you an extra $40 dollars for the top-up.

I accidentally damaged my rental box. What happens if I damage a box?

If by some divine intervention, you damage a rental box, you will have to compensate us for it, the price is $33 per box.

Where can I pick up my plastic boxes?

You can pick them from our base, but do you really need to do that when we deliver them for free?

Box Pick Up Form

Please complete the form below to arrange a pick up. Please book at least 24 hours in advance. Pick ups are Tuesdays to Fridays only.

Box Pick Up Form
Please choose a day 24 hours ahead, please ensure someone is home from 7am to 5pm that day. The operations manager will contact the person who is nominated as the contact above to arrange a 2-3 hour pick up window.

Cardboard boxes or Plastic crates

When compared to cardboard boxes, there are significant benefits that you can enjoy when choosing plastic boxes for moving or storage. Firstly, they are more sturdy and rigid thus offering better protection and safety for your belongings when in transit or storage. They can also hold more items and can be loaded into a truck without wasting space. Secondly, they are a much cheaper option than compared to buying cardboard boxes.

Last but not least, they are more environmentally friendly and safer to use. They are made of recyclable materials that can be reused over and over again. This can reduce waste generation and minimize the impact on the environment.

Still Unsure? Hire vs. Buy Moving boxes

Paying for cardboard boxes to help with your move makes up for a major aspect of the costs involved. But is there a better solution? Yes, there is! Hire re-usable plastic boxes at a much cheaper price. Additionally, you enjoy benefits such as free delivery, increased capacity, and sanitized solutions when it comes to plastic boxes.

All things considered, renting or hiring plastic boxes during your move can turn out to be a better option for you. Since plastic boxes are sturdier and stronger, they also offer better protection and support for your goods. You can also take pride in the fact that you are minimizing waste generation and conserving trees by using reusable boxes.

Removals Company We offer full range of moving services

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions that covers all aspects of packing and moving. This makes us the go-to solution for all your moving needs. However, we also understand that each customer has different needs and requirements. Whether you want to pack your belongings yourself, or you need assistance in packing and loading, we have got you covered. We tailor our services as per your needs to help you make the most of your time and money. Our services are cheap and affordable without any trade-off for quality or efficiency. Rest assured your goods and belongings are 100% safe and secure during transit, storage, or relocation.


“Thoroughly recommend these guys. Came on time and wrapped all furniture. They were friendly and worked non stop in an organised and professional manner. Deposited all items in required position at new dwelling. Excellent service.”
Paul Carson

“Thank you to the amazing guys who did our move. Marisol was very helpful with the booking process and tracking the truck. The 3 guys we booked for our 4 bedroom move were very professional and accommodating. Very polite and worked fast without complaint,even in the pouring rain. Definitely recommend this moving service.”
Jun Nee Chew

“Our moving story started badly but then we hired VMOVE and we were absolutely rapt with the professional service from booking to paying. The men were well mannered and knew what they were doing. I can't thank VMOVE enough for the fast, efficient process.”
sherry dowie