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So you’ve been looking for a new place and this question may be on your mind: do I hire a mover or do I move myself?
Moving can seem like a daunting task: between packing, decluttering, notifying government bodies, internet and phone providers of your change of address, lifting your furniture, cleaning your old place, hiring a removalist is a tempting choice. But then when you consider how much a mover costs, you may wonder whether a few hundred dollars is spent better on a getaway, a cleaner to get your full bond deposit back or simply on saving.

Here is a little list to help you. Choose from Column: Self-move or Hire a mover. Add up your totals to see what’s best, or simply consider these points for the best fit for you:

  Self-move Hire a mover
How many bedrooms do you have?  How many boxes? 2 rooms or less, 20 boxes or less More than 2 rooms, how many boxes per room or for the whole house??
Do you have a van or car which you can attach a trailer to? Could you borrow one from a mate or relo? Yes, I’ll manage. No, I don’t even have a licence!


The car could carry the smaller items, but the modular 10-seater lounge and double door fridge may be a problem.

Do you have any specialty items? A piano? Antique furniture? Nope. Yes and yes.
Are you looking to put some things into storage?  Do you have furniture/appliances to give away? No. Yes!

(maybe a good idea to find a removalist who can arrange storage/disposal as well)

Do you have children or pets that will need to be minded while you move? Thank God no!
OR Adult and teenage children who will finally help. The pets are fine.
Yes, good point, maybe I’ll take the kids to a playground while other people can lift furniture.
Are you moving just a few kilometres away or is it a regional move? Just a suburb down, won’t take more than a couple of hours To a nice, big house in the Central Coast, my dream home at last!
Are you a hoarder? Be honest I’m a minimalist!

Yes but I’ll pack everything.

No but I do have a lot of stuff – might be good to hire someone to help me pack
Would you rather… Save a few hundred dollars, get family and friends to pack and move for a few beers and a barbie, or…

Save your back and knees from lifting fridges and couches and mattresses, having to find a time that is suitable for your friends and family knowing they will expect you to return the favour at some point.

So, which one is it?

If you are moving yourself, here are some tips: Moving tips

If you are hiring a mover, here are some questions to help you find the right one: Questions you should ask your mover before you hire them

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