5 bedroom house in Bella Vista to a 6 bedroom house in Kellyville Ridge

We agreed on a affordable price of $4000 for 4 men and 2 trucks. 

Hannah and her husband bought a new house in Kellyville Ridge.  However, because she had a 1-year old baby and a husband who had to travel to the US for work, she was under a lot of time pressure to complete the move.  Initially she requested a quote for a full service.  As it was a very busy move, the initial quote separated the packing into a full day job and the move to be completed the day afterwards.  She then amended her booking request to only have her kitchen packed, deliver boxes and move the whole house within 1 day. 

On the day of the move, one team quickly got to packing the kitchen into boxes and the other team started loading the furniture into a truck.  In the end Hannah had 60+ boxes.  She was very happy that the job was complete by 5pm before dark so she could pick up her daughter from daycare and put her to sleep in her cot in her new room without any issues. In the end Hannah said that that she had a great experience and that we are one the better furniture removals companies in Sydney.

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