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Hire a Box How does it work?

We deliver

In need of affordable and sturdy moving boxes? We have you covered. We deliver plastic boxes for free up to 25 km from Sydney CBD. Our diverse collection of boxes is made from strong and recyclable materials perfect for every situation including storage, home contents, office supplies, and much more.


Pack & Move

You can either choose to get stressed and do the legwork involved in packing your belongings yourself, or you can choose from our experienced staff of well-trained removalists. Though the former can help save you some money, choosing us can help you relax with some peace of mind. We offer a comprehensive range of moving and packing solutions tailored to your individual needs and preferences.


We Pick up

Schedule  a pickup with us at a time on Tuesdays and Thursday to get an efficient moving solution at affordable rates. Our team of friendly removalists is flexible in handling your requests and ensure that you get the most efficient results. Whether you are moving to a new home or a new office, we have got you covered.

F.A.Q. Most Common Questions from our customers

Thanks to your interest, we keep getting questions about our removals services, in particular plastic box hire. So, here are the most common questions we get with their answers.

When my wife and I started the journey of becoming one of the best removalists in Sydney, I didn't expect that we would offer such an excellent service like hiring out plastic moving boxes in Sydney, where people could choose to hire or buy a box. Combined with the best movers, I am sure that our customers will have peace of mind when they hire our plastic moving boxes. The only regret I have is, that we didn't offer this service ages ago. And of course, that I didn't meet my beloved one earlier.


Do you have plastic boxes for sale?

Our main business is a box hire, but if you really want to buy one, we could sell each one for $33. With enough patience and storage, you may even import some to Australia for way less.

How many V-move Boxes should I order?

It really depends on your needs. We have options for all sizes of moves, from studios to 5- bedroom mansions. If you have a larger mansion or a business, we can provide a custom package.

How big are the boxes?

The simple answer is 400mm(H)*360mm(W)*600mm(L), around 50 litres volume. But if want to have a better understanding you should look at the pictures on our web page.

Do you clean the plastic moving boxes between rentals?

Yes, we do. We usually use microfibre cloth or towels and a disinfectant spray.

I'm moving to another state. Can I rent plastic moving boxes for my move?

Unfortunately, we do not have a presence in other states, and we do not provide this service, sorry again. One day we will provide this service, but meanwhile, please, buy good quality cardboard boxes from our website

If I can't unpack my boxes on time, can I keep the plastic moving crates for longer?

You rent our crates for a fee, which is $1 per week per box. You can keep them as long as you want, but we suggest you unpack them and request an extension with enough time. This is because these packing boxes are pretty popular and we may need to supply them to a customer who put through an order before your request for an extension.

Do your boxes fit through doorways?

Yes, they do. The boxes are 60 cm in length, so they fit through most doorways and corridors.

Are plastic moving boxes friendly to the environment?

Honestly, the manufacturing process is not environmentally friendly, but over time due to its durability it pays off. So in the short term they are not, but in the long term they are ecofriendly and reduce overall waste.

How strong are V-move plastic moving boxes?

They are as strong as our movers, and our removalists are herculean, not only in strength, but in determination as well.


“These guys were great. I had some very heavy objects and I lived up three flights of stairs. These guys did with ease and were non stop all day. I rarely add google reviews but felt compelled to this time. No need to stress with these guys.”

Daniel Ezzy

“Highly recommend. Very professional with no fuss. They don't talk too much and did a great job moving everything and we're efficient. They even wrapped up the mattress, fridge and tables during the move. Will recommend to friends and family if they ever need to move.”
Marco Palmero

“They are the best! Friendly, easy to communicate , fair price without any hidden fees, careful wrap your furniture and I'm so happy to find they moved our stuff very carefully without any scratch. Very happy with their service, highly recommend!.”

Amy WU