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Removalists in Sydney are around every corner but how do you know who you can trust with your move?  This is a guide on how to find great movers and prevent being let down on the day of your move.


Ask for recommendations from friends and family

The most effective way to find a trustworthy removalist is to ask someone who has used one.  Ask your friends and family who have moved recently if they hired a mover and had a great experience.  If they can give you the names of the people who moved them and the numbers it is even better.  This way you can secure the same driver and offsider.  Going through the website or business line can mean that you are given another team who may not be as good.

Read the reviews

The best thing about searching for removalists on the internet is that you can also find out if their bark is as good as their bite by checking independent reviews on Google, Facebook ( and True local ( and many other review sites.  If the rating is below 4.5 stars, read the lowest rated reviews and if what happened to those customers is discouraging, find another removalist.   For businesses, without any reviews, do further research as it is likely that they are new in the industry.  Have this quick guide to removalist reviews.


Ask the tough questions

Will they have insurance?  Are there hidden charges for stairs, fuel, difficult items?  Do they use subcontractors?  What will they do if they damage your furniture or the building when they move your things?  Good removalists should be able to answer these questions.  Here is a more comprehensive list of questions you can ask your removalists: Questions for movers: wrapping furniture, trucks, equipment and insurance


Open communication with your movers and the removalist company

Good removalists are easy to contact.  They accept feedback, communicate openly, have transparent policies and charges.  If you have any trouble, they should inform you of every step of the way and be easy to contact.


Book your removalists early and get your confirmation

Sydney is a very competitive market and the best removalists tend to be booked out, especially at the weekends. Get your booking with a confirmation as early as possible to avoid being disappointed or going with a bad company.  So book early, book us now on Contact Us


Have back-up removalists ready

Our clients and friends have told us of nightmare stories where movers did a no-show or cancelled on the day.  One or two days before you move, ask other movers around choose a favourite who has availability and call them if the removalist you booked doesn’t come through for you.  More on choosing a good mover.


Good luck on your search for a removalist and mostly, have a great move!

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