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At the entrance of Sydney Harbour, Watsons Bay is a tourist destination as well as home to the lucky few who live there. Full of history and spectacular scenery, Watsons Bay is one of the gems in Sydney’s crown. Whether you are making the move, or need a furniture delivery service, V-Move are the Watsons Bay removals specialists. 

V-Move are some of the friendliest and most no-nonsense removalists in Sydney. We pride ourselves on our efficient service and transparency when it comes to cost. Unlike other removal companies, V-Move doesn’t spring hidden fees on you at the end of the move. Call us for a free quote and we will work out the upfront costs for your particular needs.

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Packing And Unpacking Service For Watsons Bay

Moving house can be an ordeal. It takes a lot of time and energy, and if you don’t shop around, it can cost you a lot of money, too. You don’t need a fleet of trucks and a football team to do the job for you. At V-Move, our skilled and experienced team know how to do any job quickly and efficiently without needless additional expenses.

If you’re looking for removalists who take their job seriously, look no further than V-Move. Our team can work with any type of move. From small removals to offices to mansions, no size of move is too big or small. We have the training to deal with staircases, bulky items, such as beds, mattresses and whitegoods, as well as pianos and other fragile items, like antiques and paintings. 

If you want to pack by yourself, we hire out plastic moving crates. Strong and sturdy, these plastic boxes are part of V-Move’s belief that moving shouldn’t create a lot of waste. The boxes can be reused again and again, and we clean and sanitise them between jobs so that you receive them like brand new.

We offer six packages with an increasing number of boxes depending on the size of your home. We drop them off and when you’re finished, pick them up again free of charge. Without the packing materials and wear and tear that affects cardboard boxes, the environmentally friendly plastic crates are the best option for your packing needs.

We can also pick up and deliver new furniture to your door. If you just need two men and a truck to collect your new possessions, V-Move are the movers to call. We go to any outlet, whether it’s a store, a warehouse, an auction house, a private seller, or charity shop. If you have any unwanted furniture, we can pick it up and take it away to be donated, sold, or recycled. 

If you’re in need of storage solutions, V-Move can help out, too. We can sell you cardboard boxes and transport them to our storage facilities. With 24 hour access and surveillance, and a range of spaces to rent, V-Move’s storehouse is the best option if you want us to take care of your excess belongings.

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Welcome To Watsons Bay

Covering the entire area of South Head with views of the entrance to Sydney Harbour, the Sydney city skyline and the Pacific Ocean, Watsons Bay is a beautiful suburb at the extremities of the city.  The first people who lived in the area were the Gadigal people, who called it Kutti. Rock engravings could be found all along the rock surfaces along the cliffs, but have since eroded. After British settlement, Watsons Bay was an isolated fishing village until the 1860s. 

Watsons Bay is 11 kilometres north east of the Sydney CBD. There is a ferry that goes from Watsons Bay to Circular Quay stopping at Rose Bay and Double Bay along the way. Otherwise there are three bus routes that terminate in Watsons Bay, a 5 minute walk away from the pier. 

Many tourists, both local and international, visit Watsons Bay for its natural beauty and famous restaurant, Doyles. It has three main beaches, but only two are popular for bathers. One, Lady Bay, is a legal nude beach. Other sights include the old military bunkers and lighthouse, as well as the walking trails around The Gap Bluff. 

While the suburb is very expensive, there aren’t many ostentatious houses taking up too much space. It has retained a very seaside village feel, which is also a part of its charm for tourists who visit.