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At the entrance of the majestic Sydney Harbour and one of the city’s oldest and wealthiest suburbs, Vaucluse is the aspiration of many. With hidden beaches, spectacular vistas, and historic heritage buildings, Vaucluse is a destination as much as it’s a community. If you’re moving there you want top quality service, and that’s how V-Move can help.

With many years’ experience in the business and a no nonsense attitude to delivering exactly what was promised, V-Move are your best option for removalists in Sydney. For all your Vaucluse removals, call today for a free quote and find out how we can tailor our packages to suit your needs. We take the headache out of move day and leave you with a smile on your face.

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V-Move doesn’t just move boxes and furniture. We offer a range of services when you need two men and a truck, or more!  Our professional team of packers and movers can take on the most challenging of moves. Stairs and narrow passages are no problem for them.  We take care of all your bulky items, like beds and mattresses, and whitegoods, and if you have a piano we can sort that out, too. All your fragile items will be in expert hands. Just let us know what we’re dealing with beforehand and we will come prepared. 

Janet and Victor sold their Vaucluse home and called on V-Move’s full service package. We came with four men and two trucks ready to pack and transport the couples’ furniture to their new, smaller home closer to the city. We use environmentally friendly plastic moving crates that we clean and sterilise between moves. We believe in reducing waste in every job we do.

When the Lee family were renovating their four bedroom house in Vaucluse, they had a few pieces of furniture that they wanted taken to an auction house, among other courier jobs. They called on V-Move to pick up and deliver the unwanted pieces, and used us for new furniture delivery, too. In the end, the Lee family called on V-Move a few times during the renovations to dispose of old or broken furniture to charities or recycling depots. You can use V-Move for your courier needs.

You can use V-Move for big or small removals. We have trucks for the big jobs and vans for getting smaller items from A to B. You can hire our plastic boxes and pack yourself. We will drop them off and pick them up free of charge. 

If you need any storage solutions, V-Move has that covered, too. We sell cardboard boxes and packing material and can pick up and transport your belongings to and from our secure storage facilities. With 24-hour access and surveillance, our storage bays are the perfect choice to store the things you can’t have in your house right now. 

V-Move’s team of professionals will always do their best to make moving day as easy as possible for you. We know how to find the best deal and provide the best results for you.

Living The High Life In Vaucluse

Vaucluse is the gold standard of Sydney living. With shores on both Sydney Harbour and the ocean, it is the envy of suburbs the world over. Just south of South Head, the ridge of Vaucluse offers spectacular views back toward the Sydney CBD and out to sea. 

With one property going for $29 million, you can see that Vaucluse isn’t exactly for everyone. However, there are a few smaller properties and some semi-affordable apartments, too. The best thing about the suburb is the wealth of public parks and walking trails around the headland.

With hidden beaches only accessible on foot and surprising pedestrian bridges over inlets, Vaucluse is a wonderland that is endlessly explorable. A popular tourist destination is Vaucluse House, a colonial era home that shows how the upper class back then used to live. With adjoining tea rooms and an extensive garden and park, it is an oasis in the middle of the city.

Vaucluse is 8 kilometres from the Sydney CBD. The main shopping zones nearby are Rose Bay and Bondi to the south. Several bus routes pass through Vaucluse and a couple terminate there. It takes around 25 minutes by bus to Bondi Junction, or you can take a bus to Watsons Bay in the north and catch a ferry direct to Circular Quay. 

While Vaucluse can seem to be only for the very rich, it is a welcoming suburb, nonetheless. Sydneysiders have been visiting for swimming and picnics for generations. And if you’re lucky enough to live there, you have one of the most enviable addresses in the world.