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Just south of the famous Bondi Beach lies Tamarama. This beach village is one of the most scenic along Sydney’s Pacific coast, bordered by headlands and nestled between two higher profile beach suburbs. Tamarama is where beautiful bodies go to sunbathe on the rocks and dip their toes in the surf. 

When you need moving in or out of Tamarama and want the best quality removalists in Sydney, look no further than V-Move. V-Move is the king of Tamarama removals. With an expert team of packers and movers, and a fleet of mid-sized trucks that fit down any narrow Sydney street, V-Move are the number one choice to get your Tamarama move done.

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Move Home With Our Full Service in Tamarama

Moving doesn’t have to be a headache. With V-Move, we can get you into or out of your Tamarama home without fuss. Select from our wide range of services and talk to our friendly staff to figure out the best fit for you. 

At V-Move, we offer the friendliest service and the most competitive prices. We believe in open and honest business, that’s why we don’t hide any of our service fees. At the end of the job you won’t be stung by any nasty surprise costs. 

Big or small moves, and a range of other moving and storage options, V-Move has everything covered. We want to make moving as waste free as possible. For this reason, we provide environmentally friendly options to reduce the amount of trash a move can create.

Why not hire our eco-friendly plastic moving crates? These large, sturdy, lightweight boxes can carry up to 50 litres in volume. We clean and sanitise the moving boxes between jobs, so you get the best quality and we can reuse them again and again. 

Hire the plastic crates for as long as you need. We have the package to suit the size of your home. From studio apartments to five bedroom houses, we will deliver and pick up your set of boxes free of charge. Pack and unpack at your leisure, or hire our team of experienced packers and movers to do the job for you.

Our Happy Customers In Eastern Suburbs

Kelly and Shane had lived in Tamarama for over a decade when they had their second child. They decided to move to bigger pastures and sell their Tamarama apartment. Being two busy parents, Kelly and Shane wanted to use V-Move’s full service package. 

For their two bedroom apartment, we sent out three men, a truck and a van. They brought the plastic moving boxes and all the necessary equipment to transport all of the young family’s possessions safely. Bulky items, like beds and mattresses, and heavy items like whitegoods, are no match for our strong and efficient team. 

In one day, V-Move packed up the apartment and transported everything to their new three bedroom house. They set up furniture and placed the boxes inside the corresponding rooms. Kelly and Shane didn’t have to worry about a babysitter or injuring themselves or the children getting in the way. By the end of the day, they were set up in their new family home. Pleased with V-Move’s service, Kelly and Shane got two men and a truck to pick up the new furniture pieces for their baby’s room and to fill in the bigger house. 

V-Move happily takes away any unwanted furniture, too. We can take it to auction houses, charities, private buyers, or the recycling depot. You don’t have to be moving house to use our services. Renovating or upgrading? Just call V-Move and let us take care of it.

Want To Save Your Moving Budget?

Get Free Plastic Boxes For One Week, When 3 Or More Bedrooms Moving!

Sun & Surf Living in Tamarama, NSW

Tamarama is a mostly residential beachside suburb in Sydney’s east. It lies 7 kilometres east of the city centre and about a kilometre south of Bondi Beach. It has a small but spacious sandy beach and a rough surf. It is a popular spot for sunbathers and swimmers.

Tamarama lies on the famous Bondi to Coogee walking path and is nestled between headlands that overlook both Bondi and Bronte beaches. In October, it is the centre of the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition and between Spring and Autumn, it is constantly populated by tourists and locals alike, passing through or sprawled out on the sand.

Tamarama is filled with apartments and expensive beachside houses. Properties range between $800K and over $2 million. This is due to the sought after coastal setting and lush, green, and well kept valley of parklands. 

Tamarama is well-serviced by the 362 and 381 bus routes and is only 15-20 minutes from Bondi Junction by bus. Bondi Junction is the closest major shopping centre nearby and Tamarama is blessed to be in between both the Bronte and Bondi dining areas. 

Tamarama always has something going on and its history of being Sydney’s recreation beach is seen in the vibe there today.