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Little Bay is a beachside holiday town in the middle of a city. Residents of Little Bay get all the benefits of a hidden gem of a beach and the proximity to one of the biggest cities of Australia. If you’ve made the decision to move to this little patch of paradise, V-Move removalists have you covered. 

From the moment you settle on a place to the moment you put your feet up in your new home, V-Move helps you relocate without any headache. With no surprise fees and friendly service, V-Move can get you from house to house stress-free and without breaking the bank. Call us today for a free quote and we’ll sort you out with our extensive services.

Move day just got easier with V-Move. Hire our sturdy, waste-reducing plastic moving crates for your belongings. Trust our expert packers and movers to transport your fragile items with utmost care. Bulky items, like beds and mattresses, are no problem for our professional team. Pianos and stairs are not obstacles for V-Move’s experienced and strong moving team, the best removalists in Sydney.

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Our Happy customers From Eastern Suburbs

Katherine and Gordon bought their dream home in Little Bay. A much bigger house than they had previously lived in, but with two young children, they wanted to give them the space to grow up like they had. Close to nature and the sea, Little Bay took them away from the hustle bustle, but kept the couple close to their jobs in the inner city, too.

Katherine and Gordon made the decision to have the majority of the removals work done by experts and called V-Move to work out the costs. They went with 3 men and a truck & a van to take their possessions from their smaller terrace house in the Inner West to their four bedroom house in Little Bay. They moved on a weekend, so it cost them $190 per hour for six hours and a $120 call out fee. The time allocated was for our team of packers to pack and unpack their belongings and furniture saving Katherine and Gordon time during the week.

The couple hired our environmentally-friendly plastic moving boxes at $159 for 40 boxes. These boxes help reduce waste. We clean and sterilise them between jobs, so that they are like new when they’re packed. 

After Katherine and Gordon were moved in, they needed extra furniture to fill in all the extra space they now had. Again, they called V-Move and arranged a day for 2 men and a truck to go around the South Sydney region to pick up and deliver their new furniture purchases, both from showrooms and Gumtree. The couple were so happy with our professional service that they recommended V-Move to their friends and family. 

Hire Moving Crates For A Good Move In Little Bay

Little Bay has a mixture of new apartments and large, multi-bedroom dream houses right near the coast of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. V-Move has experience with all sorts of houses and moves. Get on the phone today and speak to our friendly team to get a tailor-made package for your moving needs.

V-Move doesn’t just move houses. We also specialise in office removals. If you have a business in Little Bay and need furniture delivered or unwanted furniture removed, give us a call. We have good relationships with all the businesses we have moved in the past and they always come back to V-Move’s competitive prices and upfront costs.

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Making A Home In Little Bay

Little Bay lies only 14 kilometres from the Sydney CBD but feels like a village for a seaside getaway. It is sometimes called the ‘Surry Hills of the South’ due to its small, but bustling town centre, with a wide range of cafes and cuisines on offer. 

Unlike other ocean facing beaches in Sydney, Little Bay beach is protected, shallow and doesn’t have the strong undercurrents of the more famous surf beaches further north. It’s a great place to take children and relax knowing they’ll be safe in the saltwater. 

Little Bay has a unique history, once being the site of the Coast Hospital, which was used for quarantined patients during the bubonic plague days at the turn of the 20th century. Today, there are nineteen heritage listed buildings from the first half of last century still standing. 

Little Bay used to be polluted by the sewerage treatment plant in Malabar, but since the 1990 clean up, the water around Little Bay beach is some of the most consistently clean in all of Sydney. Along the coast there are two golf clubs and the suburb shares the national parks of Henry Head with La Perouse.

Several bus routes travel to and through Little Bay along Anzac Parade and the services are frequent enough that you never feel isolated from the rest of the city.

Little Bay