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A protected cove, pure sandy beaches and lush walking tracks, La Perouse is Sydney’s little bayside hideaway. For those who value being close to outdoor activities and in a quiet residential area, but not miles away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city, La Perouse is the perfect place to live.

V-Move helps you move into your new La Perouse home. We provide a wide variety of moving services that make transporting your belongings a breeze. Whether you’re moving house or just need furniture removals, V-Move can do the job for you. Call today and talk to our friendly staff who can arrange the best deal for your needs and budget. 

Using professional removalists may seem expensive, but with our competitive prices, we will save you time and worry in the long run.

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1 hour

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On a Sunday, the three hour truck hire cost Patricia and Clive $520 to La Perouse. Our team of professional movers and packers came out to their house in the morning, loaded up the truck and took the pieces of furniture to the respectful drop off points. 

The couple were so impressed with the service, they called on V-Move again in a month when they needed their newly ordered pieces of furniture delivered. For the same price, the V-Move team picked up the pieces from several locations around Sydney’s inner suburbs and delivered them to the La Perouse house.

Many of our La Perouse customers are environmentally conscious and appreciate V-Move’s commitment to reducing the waste that a move can create. In order to significantly reduce the amount of waste the moving process can produce, V-Move offers our customers the hire of plastic moving crates. They are sturdy and don’t require the amount of packing material that their cardboard counterparts need. Between jobs we clean the plastic boxes thoroughly and sterilise them so that each time our customers use them they are as good as new.

La Perouse Furniture Pick Up And Delivery Courier Service

If 2 men and a truck will save your day, then V-Move is the company to call for expert advice and tailor-made removals jobs to suit your budget. We won’t push the full service if you can do parts of the job yourself, but we are always happy to make your moving experience that much more hassle free.

La Perouse residents, Patricia and Clive, started renovating their home. This resulted in a lot of old, unwanted furniture that they needed to dispose of. Several items could be donated to charity, while the rest would have to be taken to a recycling depot. They called V-Move and we organised two men and a truck to come to the rescue.


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Relaxation & Recreation in La Perouse

La Perouse is 14 kilometres from the Sydney CBD and sits on the northern shore of Botany Bay in the City of Randwick. La Perouse is a small community of around 400 people who are outdoors minded, valuing fitness and peace and quiet. With the Kamay Botany Bay National Park and the protected Congwong Bay Beach, nature is just at the doorstep of the residents of La Perouse.

The suburb of La Perouse was named after a French explorer who was anchored in Botany Bay around the same time as the First Fleet made their way to make the first British colony in the country. A lot of early European Australian history can be found in La Perouse. From the 19th century customs tower to the bunkers and battlements dotted around the headland. Bare Island Fort is a particularly popular attraction for photographers.

You can also find Indigenous heritage in La Perouse. For visitors, you can take bushtucker tours and watch boomerang throwing demonstrations. Often school children are taken for excursions to the area to learn about how the Botany Bay area is important to the local Indigenous culture. 

La Perouse attracts mostly families and couples who enjoy getting into nature as much as possible. The national park has extensive walking trails and is a haven for birdwatching and spotting small marsupials. The beaches are calm and clear and perfect for swimming laps or floating in the sun. Small private boats sometimes moor in the bay and people dive in for a swim and have a picnic onboard.

La Perouse starts at the end of Anzac Parade coming away from the city. The bus route L94 takes you from La Perouse to Circular Quay along Anzac Parade, passing through Maroubra Junction, Kingsford, and Oxford St.