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Kingsford is the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney’s multicultural cornucopia. Geographically, the centre of the east, Kingsford has a mixed bag to offer new residents. From family homes to apartment living, from South American groceries to the best array of Malaysian and Indonesian restaurants in Sydney, Kingsford has it all. 

V-Move are Kingsford removals specialists. We pride ourselves on knowing an area and providing the highest quality moving services to our customers. We always do a great job in getting you into or out of your Kingsford home. If you’re looking for Kingsford removalists, don’t hesitate to call V-Move today for your free quote. Talk to our friendly team and get the best value for money for removals excellence in East Sydney.

All of your moving needs are provided by V-Move’s team of professional packers and movers. If Kingsford is your old or new home, let V-Move take the stress out of move day.

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1/2 hour

Our Happy customers From Eastern Suburbs

Daisy had lived in Kingsford for a year while studying at the University of New South Wales. She decided to live closer to her work in the city and got in contact with V-Move. Because her apartment came fully furnished, she didn’t need to move any furniture. Instead, she hired our studio apartment package of plastic boxes, which includes 25 boxes and a special marker to label them.

She organised a man and a van to pick up the boxes and transport them to her new apartment in Surry Hills. The boxes cost her $99. The boxes were dropped off and taken away free of charge and by packing them herself, Daisy saved a lot of stress and money.

There are many restaurants and other food businesses in Kingsford. When Charlie made an order for new chairs for his restaurant, he called V-Move. He required our furniture disposal and furniture pick up and delivery services. 

First, a team of 2 men and a truck came and loaded all of Charlie’s unwanted furniture onto the truck. They took what they could to be recycled at the local depot. Then, they went to the wholesaler to pick up the new chairs. Within 2 hours, the new chairs were delivered to Charlie’s restaurant, leaving Charlie with no waste and no worry, saving him time and giving him peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly Way To Move In Kingsford

With over 5 years operating in the Sydney metropolitan area, V-Move continues to improve its expert knowledge of the city and talent for making moving days hassle free. We’re also concerned with making our business as waste-free as possible. That’s why we offer plastic moving crates for hire. Cleaned and sanitised between jobs, these plastic boxes are sturdy and reusable and don’t leave you with waste for collection at the end of your move. They don’t require a whole lot of packing tape and other materials that also add to the waste.

For all your bulky items, our team can move them without fuss. Up or down stairs, in and out of doorways, items like beds and mattresses are not a problem. Fragile items will be handled with care and packed properly so you don’t have any nasty surprises at the end of the move. We also tell you the exact prices for every service and don’t spring hidden fees on you when we’re done. Transparency is king with V-Move.

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Getting The Best Deal Living in Kingsford

Kingsford really is a melting pot of cultures in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. You can find what you’re looking for all along the main drag of Anzac Parade. The Asian influences can be seen everywhere. Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian and Singaporean all mix together making visitors to the suburb salivate. Locals enjoy the vast array of eateries and the pubs that bookend the strip. Whether you’re looking for natural ingredients for cooking at home or finding a dining experience that uses original charcoal or real wood fire, Kingsford restaurants are always enticing.

Kingsford is now the terminal of Sydney’s new light rail system. Getting to the city is even easier with the tram and several bus routes passing through the suburb. Cycling is also a good option along Anzac Parade as the infrastructure keeps improving and the ride is one of the flattest in Sydney. Only minutes drive away from Maroubra and Coogee beaches, as well as Centennial Park, Kingsford isn’t too far from one of Sydney’s many favourite recreation destinations.

Kingsford hosts several schools, as well as bordering the prestigious University of New South Wales. There are many places of worship for most denominations and Kingsford is also the home of Sydney Multicultural Community Services.