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The young and vibrant suburb of Kensington lies just south of Centennial Park and includes one of Australia’s top education centres, the University of New South Wales. With a mix of federation style houses and modern apartments, you will find a mix of families, retirees, share houses, and, of course, students. V-Move are the removalists in Sydney to call when you need experts to help you get into your new Kensington home.

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, V-Move offers a wide range of removals services and can tailor them to suit your needs and budget. Our professional packers and movers with over 5 years’ experience know how to take the headache out of your moving day. Why not give us a call today to get a free quote for the job you need done.

Want the friendliest and most trustworthy removalists in Sydney? V-Move offerss competitive prices and makes sure that the cost of the job doesn’t include any nasty surprises. Hidden fees are forbidden. We strive to be as transparent as possible from the beginning. Call now and see what we can do for you!

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Our Happy customers From Eastern Suburbs

The Bradford Family lived in Kensington until the kids moved out. Now Jim and Lorraine are ready to downsize. They called V-Move to organise an extensive job of packing and moving their possessions and furniture to a new place in Maroubra, removing old kids’ furniture, and taking boxes to storage. They hired 60 eco-friendly plastic moving crates in our 3 bedroom package, which included markers and free delivery, for $199 plus another $60 for the second week. The plastic boxes are more environmentally friendly because we reuse them, cleaning and sterilising them between each move.

Jim and Lorraine packed the plastic moving boxes by themselves so that when the moving day came, they had everything organised for our moving team. We sent out 4 men and two trucks. Heavy furniture and fragile items were no problem for these professionals. They got the trucks packed in an hour. One truck took unwanted furniture away to be donated to the Bradfords’ choice of charity and the rest was taken to a recycling depot in Randwick. Just another way that V-Move tackles needless waste.

The Bradfords also bought cardboard boxes and packing materials from us and packed away a small selection of their belongings for storage as they didn’t fit in their new house. We took them to our storage facility in Marrickville. There, they had 24 hour access and could deal with them when they had the time.

Stress Free Packing & Moving In Kensington

So you want to start a new life in Kensington? V-Move will make the transition seamless. So you need furniture removals or want that new dining table delivered with care? V-Move will handle it all. No removalist job is too difficult for the V-Move team. We are the Kensington removalists of choice!

Lee and Sandi arrived in Sydney and started living in their Kensington apartment a month before starting their course at the university. While it had a bed, it didn’t have much else. They ordered a selection of furniture online and called V-Move for our furniture pick up and delivery service. With 2 men and a truck, we delivered a new sofa, a dining table and chairs, and a couple of lamps to their door. 

Bulky items are no problem for our expert team of movers. Even getting them up stairs is just part of the job. Take the stress out of moving heavy furniture, like beds and mattresses, and call on our friendly staff today.

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Get Free Plastic Boxes For One Week, When 3 Or More Bedrooms Moving!

Kensington: A University Town In The City

Kensington is bordered by several big green areas: Centennial Park in the north, Randwick Racecourse in the east, and the Australian Golf Club to the west. Just below the racecourse sits the distinguished University of New South Wales campus, and to the south is Kensington Park and the main drag of Anzac Parade in Kingsford.

Kensington is perfect for families, retirees, share houses, and students alike. All highly recommend living there. With wide streets and houses with backyards and shopping districts surrounded by modern apartments, there’s a housing style to suit everyone. With two schools and the university, it’s also an education hub of Sydney.

Kensington offers a wide range of retail outlets, many small businesses that have been running for decades. And along with Kingsford, the area boasts some of Sydney’s best Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine, as well as Chinese, Thai and Japanese. 

With the new light rail line opened, Kensington is more accessible than ever. Trams and buses take you to Maroubra and La Perouse, the Inner West, as well as the city centre. The neighbourhood is set to get more desirable over the next few years as it offers more than its fair share of excellent services.